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Market Research Sample Strategies

market research sampleHave you got a good market research sample? Do you really understand your market? Do you have a good idea of who you’ll average customer really is?

For example, do you know how old your average customer is? Do you know what the average household income is? If you close your eyes and created a mental picture of your customer, is that picture clear?

Nine times out of ten the answer is no for many internet marketers and affiliate marketers. By really identifying and gathering the good market research sample of your audience, you really do position your self to create laser targeted sales copy.

If you can target your sales copy and marketing materials directly at your average customer then you will increase conversions and ultimately generate more profits for your business. There are many ways you can gather useful market research demographics for your market.

Let me show you a very simple way that you can apply today at no cost to you. First of all, take the most generic term that describes your market. For example if we were in the weight loss industry than the term we could use would be “dieting” or “weight loss.”

Next, we go and type are very generic term into Google and look at the most relevant and highly ranked websites that are returned in the natural search listings. Once we have identified a domain that is really targeting our specific industry we take that domain and enter it into http://www.quantcast.com.

Now, Quantcast provides us with incredible demographic information and gives us a really good market research sample of our industry. Here is a screenshot for the demographics returned from “FreeDieting.com” which is the top result returned from Google for the term “Dieting”

Market Research Sample

As you can see from the screenshot, we get a great deal of information about this particular websites demographics. For example, we can see that the average visitor is a female aged between 18-34, has kids and has a wide spread income level, usually with a college level education.

This information is invaluable, and we can test many domains in a similar manner to ensure that our understanding of the market is accurate. Quantcast is an amazing resource for marketers and provides an incredible amount of information. By using this information in your marketing and sales copy you can really deliver your message to the right person and dramatically increase your business revenue.

Next, go try this in your own market and make sure that your sales copy is targeting the right people and that you gather a good market research sample for yourself.

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