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Making Your Affiliate Site Phone-Friendly

Mobile friendly sites are more profitable than non-mobile friendly sites in this era of internet marketing than they ever were before. The statistics behind this phenomenon become ever more staggering. You know a trend is here to stay when Google writes a whole book about it (which they aptly titled, “The Mobile Playbook,” available for free online).

As I’ve touched on in many posts before, making your site mobile friendly is more important than ever. If your site can’t be seen on a mobile device, you’re not going to make any sales from potential customers who are without a doubt browsing their phones in line at the grocery store, while on their lunch break or during their child’s soccer game. In other words, you’re missing out on an awful lot of opportunity.

I’d like to share with you some practical ways of making your site easier to see on your phone. There are a number of easy ways to implement mobile ease of use on your phone, and here are just a few of them.

 1.  Make your pictures easy to view in mobile format. No one likes waiting an eon for pictures to load, either when they first visit the website or when they tap the picture to make it larger. The way you get around this is by making your pictures smaller in the first place. In other words, don’t upload that 3110×2190 pixel image you have saved on your desktop. Change it to a 250-pixel wide image that fits well into a blog post or article and also doesn’t take forever to load when a reader visits the page.

 .  Install a mobilization plugin on your WordPress blog. WordPress mods recommend using a plugin like WPtouch to make your WordPress blog more mobile friendly. Just make sure whatever plugin you install doesn’t slow the speed of your site, either for mobile visitors or desktop computer ones, otherwise this will frustrate them and discourage them from visiting your site at all.

 3.  Link to other mobile-friendly sites. Add a plugin for your social media presences, like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google Plus. The more mobile-friendly stuff you link to, the more likely your visitors will be to stay somewhere on your web presence during the duration of their browsing. Now of course, you want to be sure to link them to your affiliate products or your own goods as well, but if this is not the purpose of your blog, or if you simply want more followers and likes on your social media, this is pretty good way of accomplishing that.

4.  Come up with a mobile-only special. Ask your visitors to come in and display your special deal on their phone at the time of purchase. This is a great idea for two reasons: one, it drums up business. Two, it helps you track how you got that sale. You know they found you on their mobile device if they’re using your mobile coupon. How cool is that?

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