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Make My Site Mobile Friendly the Free Way

Make my site mobile friendly – these words Make my site mobile friendlycome out of the mouths of a lot of people I know. But the thing is, they want it done for free. They don’t want to invest one extra cent to take advantage of more than 60% of the marketplace (for certain niches). Well for all you cheapskates out there, here’s some good news. There ARE ways to make your website mobile friendly without spending a fortune.

Thanks to Google, you can now visit one web page to choose from a list of mobile developers who are offering free or low-cost deals on mobile templates. With these mobile templates, you can customize logos, backgrounds, buttons and image slideshows to create the perfect mobile site to complement your real website.

How Do I Make My Site Mobile Friendly?

Google’s “GoMo” tool, which not only links to a variety of mobile developers, also links to a number of mobile resources you can page through to optimize your website before it goes live on mobile networks. And using online sources that let you view how your site looks from a mobile standpoint (without actually owning any of the mobile devices that will be trafficking your site) helps you get an idea of how well your color choices and image placements will work when your visitors try to use them.

You can choose from these templates to get your site mobile friendly way more simply and quickly than by trying to create your own mobile site app or by hiring someone to do it for you. Why reinvent the wheel when you can get something for free – at least for a while – that has the potential to make you so much money? That’s what you have to ask yourself when asking how to make my site mobile friendly.

Why Make My Site Mobile Friendly?

Okay, so you’ve already heard all the hype about mobile friendly websites, but where’s the answer to “why?” in all of this? Well if you read Google’s new Mobile Playbook, you’ll understand just how much the world is now relying on mobile sites to function.

Life is so hectic anymore that hardly anyone sits down in front of their computer to browse for stuff they want to buy. If they’re driving, they’re looking for places to eat on their mobile device. If they’re at home, they’re searching on their iPads in between watching a movie and playing “Angry Birds,” or whatever it is people do on their iPads these days. Browsing rarely happens on the computer anymore, so why invest in making your site so computer-friendly if everyone is moving to mobile?

The whole point is, not only do you not want to risk missing out on sales, you also don’t want to get stuck behind the curve. Because once you let the competition slip ahead, it’s tough to regain your spot. So that pretty much wraps up the answer to why make my site mobile friendly on many fronts.

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