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Local Mobile Marketing Tactics

Local mobile marketing takes your regular marketing to a new level.Local mobile marketing Mobile marketing is now taking up over a 50% share of online profits in some niches, many of which are IM-related. More people than ever are searching from their iPads and other tablet devices, not to mention their Blackberry phones and iPhones. If your site is not already mobile friendly, you’re way behind the curve.

Local mobile marketing takes a little different perspective than regular mobile marketing. It will obviously be a little bit easier if you’re writing a generic blog about how to get rid of acne that is applicable worldwide than if you’re trying to market a small bakery in San Francisco. You still have lots of competition, but you’re marketing to a much more select crowd.

Local Mobile Marketing Strategies

Coming up with a local mobile marketing strategy takes a little bit of skill, but more than that, it merely requires looking at things from the view of someone on the go. If you’re trying to help someone find your location, the first thing you need to do is make sure you have a Google Places page set up with a marker right over top of your business or the driveway to your business. On the website itself (the mobile friendly one, obviously) you need to have easy-to-find buttons for a map or directions, your phone number, hours of operation, and maybe even customer testimonials.

For the visual side, mobile-friendly pictures are always a must. Don’t upload images that take too long to download or that aren’t scaled for mobile use. Nobody likes to sit and see that little spinning icon on the screen when they tap a picture. From a local mobile marketing standpoint, that means death, because they’ll just hit the back button on their browsers and search for someone else with a more navigable site.

Additionally, you can’t have a website with half and half mobile-friendly and non-mobile-friendly pages. You can get a piece of code for your real website that detects when a mobile device is visiting, and it will automatically redirect to the mobile friendly version of your site. This is preferred to having a “mobile friendly version” button on a site that takes a long time to load that users must wait for to select.

Local Mobile Marketing Ideas

Above and beyond the essential local mobile marketing strategies above, you still need some inspiration for what to include on your mobile site. Again, think speed and relevance. Post short videos of less than one minute on the website about anything you can possibly think would be interesting to viewers. If you own a hair salon, post videos of your stylists in action. If you’re a bakery, show cinnamon rolls being made by hand. Even if your work isn’t necessarily hands-on, it builds trust in customers and gives your site SEO friendliness for having multimedia on it.

Use these local mobile marketing ideas to help you develop a mobile friendly site that users will enjoy navigating and feel driven to visit in person.

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