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Listbuilding Techniques – 3 Ways to Get Those Names

email_listEveryone is always telling you that the money is in the list. What are you honestly doing about it though, apart from your normal opt ins from sales pages and squeeze pages?

Have you considered looking at other tactics? People often forget that for all means of attracting potential clients, there are methods that can be explored other than the mainstream ones.

List building has been popular for a number of years, and lots of marketers have upped their game, after realizing the true value of a captive audience.

Very few people don’t know that having a list is powerful stuff, but fewer still are doing everything in their power to increase that list.

  • Encourage Your Readers to Encourage Others
    Ensure you have a “Forward to friend” link on every email you send out. This alone can create a buzz that will see your email subscriber list shooting up pretty quickly. Friends tend to read emails, and they will sign up purely on trust.
  • Ask Other List Owners to Link to You
    It is mutually beneficial to share lists, so if you can offer another list owner a short text link on your newsletters, in return for a reciprocal link ad, you will soon see the benefits.
  • Relevancy and Visibility
    Have a sign up form and relevant reasons to sign up on every page of your website. If you put a short title why they should sign up, and make it relevant to the page, subscription rates should increase. For example, if you wrote an article on link building on one of your pages, then above the sign up form, you should have something along the lines of 2for more information about link building techniques, sign up here”. This type of contextual advertising for your list is perfect.

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