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List Building Strategies

When it comes down to it, your website runs on how extensive your list is. The more people who are subscribed to your brand, the more visibility and promotion your website gets. Many individuals though are unaware of how to capitalize on the tools available to them in order to grow their list.

Instead of struggling with guesswork and using tips that aren’t effective, below is a list of proven list building techniques to put you right on track. Keep in mind though that some of these tips are applicable to specific brands or situations, so they may be especially helpful if you fit into the designated category.

Popups with Incentives

It happens to everyone – the moment you visit a website and get that popup that asks you to subscribe to the newsletter by entering your email address. Through your subscription, you’ll be able to receive promotions and other benefits that only website subscribers have access to.

While the popup may be annoying at first, if you like the brand well-enough and appreciate what it has to offer, then you’ll most likely sign up. In addition to being a great way to attract individuals to your list, it is also highly effective. Current statistics show that this method is able to convert almost 4% of website visitors into subscribers to your brand.

Subscribe Through a Quick Survey

Sometimes, a bit of creativity has the potential to go a long way. Another list building strategy that is pretty effective is to create a small survey popup on your website. The survey itself can be general questions about your target audience or to the point information about whether or not the visitor would like to subscribe to the newsletter and other promotions that your brand offers.

At the end of the survey, you should offer the visitor to put in their email address in order to subscribe and to receive any promotions that your brand makes available to subscribers only. Like the above popup option, the quick survey also has a pretty high conversion rate.

Funnel Subscribers to Your Page

Depending on the type of brand or service you are offering, another option is to funnel subscribers to your page through guest posts on other websites. The best way to do this is to find websites that are most relevant to your service or brand. By doing this, you increase the chance that the visitors on the guest post website will maneuver to your website and subscribe.

Another important element of this step is to make that your guest post is well-written and offers readers with the high quality content that is needed to attract them. The guest post should offer something of value, it should be interesting, and it needs to be written well. Through this step, you can easily increase your conversion rate and add it to your toolbox of list building strategies that work well.

Look Into Your Email Service Provider

Contrary to what most website owners believe, email service providers actually have many limitations that prevent them from helping you maximize your list of subscribers. A few important points to look into are whether your service provider requires you to double opt in from your new website leads or whether you have the choice to opt out, if you can do A-B split testing with your emails, can you send out time-based auto-email responders, and if you can import a customer list and instantly send out emails to that list.

By looking into these capabilities, you’ll be able to better gauge the quality of your email service provider and to understand how well the service provider works for you.

The Quality of the Emails Does Matter

Many people are able to build their list, but very few are able to keep that list growing or to ensure that those on the list stay on the list. The main reason behind this is that list builders often forget that the quality of the outgoing emails is just as important as any other step involved in the entire process.

The emails that are sent out should be quality emails, they need to offer the reader something of value, and they need to be personal and well written. By injecting a personal and genuine feel to your email, you are better able to connect to the reader and build relationships with your reader.

The Option to Share the Subscription

For some website owners, simply asking people to subscribe is difficult enough. But if you are able to get past this, then you should also include a feature on your website that offers the current subscribers to share a subscription option. If your website is popular and well-liked, then those who have subscriptions will be more likely to share the subscription option with their friends and family.

There is a World Outside the Web

When you are working on your brand and your website, it can be easy to forget that there is a world outside that can be just as valuable to increase your list. Another easy way to increase your subscription list is to advertise your website through mailed newsletters, bulletin boards, and even just word-of-mouth advertising.

By taking this step, you not only are using a more natural method to increasing your brand’s awareness, but you are using a method that better connects with possible leads. The person level will ensure that your new subscribers are loyal to your brand for years to come.


Growing your list is highly valuable and while it is an investment in terms of time and energy, the effects are immensely helpful when it comes to enhancing your brand and brand awareness.

Through the above steps, you’ll be able to move closer to creating a brand that is successful and strong against its competitors. When doing any step though, just make sure that you’re doing the right research and are looking into ways on how you can maximize the methods.

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