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Keywords for Blog: Picking Tags for Blogs and Posts

Keywords for blog purposes are often pretty easy to pick initially.Keywords for blog You’ll need keywords for several different reasons when it comes to blogging. First, you want the search engines to crawl your blog, so you insert juicy tags in your posts in order to have the best chance possible of visitors reading your new posts.

Secondly, you need tags for your blog in general. These are META tags, and they’ll give the search engine a good idea of what your blog is about without looking at every single post. Selecting these keywords takes a bit of skill, but it’s one of the easiest tasks you’ll encounter in your blogging endeavors.

Picking Keywords for Blog Posts and Blogs

There are a few rules – or guidelines – you should abide by when picking keywords for blog posts or your blog. Choose between five to ten keywords for any given blog’s META tags to stay relevant to your niche and help the search engines match the best qualified visitors with your blog posts.

This means you should pick keywords that contain topics very similar to your niche in general. For example, if you’re in the business of selling pistol holsters, you should use keywords like “choosing a pistol holster” or “best pistol holsters.”

Avoid the temptation to pick keywords that are super-popular but totally unrelated to your niche. This will hurt you in the long run. For example, many bloggers might see “Britney Spears” as a popular keyword with lots of searches. But if their niche is built around selling tools to craftsmen, searches from 12-year-old girls looking for Britney Spears songs won’t do them any good. Those visitors will either bypass your search results altogether or hit the “back” button on their browsers when they realize you published a blog post on sanding techniques instead of Britney posters.

More Keywords for Blog Selection Tips

Choosing keywords for blog posts requires that you pick topics closely related to the blog post itself, not just your blog topic. For instance, your blog might be about the upcoming Superbowl, in which case you’re probably picking keywords like “Superbowl 2012” or “who’s playing this year’s Superbowl.” But if the blog post you’re writing specifically deals with which band is performing during Halftime, then don’t choose keywords like “Superbowl announcer” or “buy Superbowl tickets.” Pick keywords like “Superbowl 2012 halftime show” or “2012 halftime performance.”

Additionally, pick keywords for blog posts and your blog that are complete phrases, not just singular keywords. There is far too much competition for a keyword like “Superbowl” or “football” or even “Superbowl game” and “football season.” Choose keywords with less than 200,000 searches (in general) and those that draw up less than 500,000 competitive search results when plugged into the search engine in quotes.

It’s a good idea to use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool for help in picking keywords for blog posts and such. This way, you’ll draw up keywords that you never would have thought up yourself. Keywords for blog posts and blogs make it easier for both the search engines and your visitors to find your site, so choose carefully when making your selection.

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