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Keeping Internet Marketing Simple

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Keep it simple, stupid!” But have you ever applied it to your internet marketing habits? By “habits,” I don’t just mean the way you go about scheduling your work, but also the way you present your sales pitches and products to your audience. Internet marketers try to make things way too complicated, especially when it comes to their websites and their sales letters. But what many don’t realize is that less really is more, and that it’s totally possible to overdo just about anything you touch.

Chances are that you don’t even realize you’re complicating things online. You don’t realize that you could hire one independent contractor instead of three if you look hard enough and get recommendations from other marketers. You probably don’t realize that not every daily blog post has to feature 500 words worth of your blood sweat and tears when you can sprinkle a few videos in here and there and cut your posts a little bit short if you’re running low on time.

Another aspect of internet marketing simplification includes the software you intend to purchase. There are two sides of the spectrum here, and seldom do internet marketers fall into the middle of it as they ought to. On the one side, you have the guys who will buy just about any piece of software as long as it promises to yield results. On the other side, you have penny-pinchers who won’t give up even $20 to purchase a program that would help them get more done in less time and for less hassle.

Simplification in this case comes from identifying which materials will help you further your marketing endeavors. Read reviews from others and post in forums if you don’t know. Whatever your opinion is about it now, just realize that internet marketing is not something that can be done alone. It might work for a little while, but without help – either from other people or from software and programs – it won’t last. You’ll get plumb burned out.

Now let’s talk about simplicity as it applies to your overall life. Let’s say you have a husband and two kids. You send the kids to school during the day, and your husband works. You have the option of spending all day on housework, paying bills and doing your duties as a mom, or spending a good chunk of that time on your new blog. If you’re like many moms, you try to do it all, and then wonder why you’re burned out by the time the kids come home. Here’s the thing: don’t let internet marketing consume your life. It’s meant to be a welcome alternative to the 8-5 grind. If you let it take over, you will end up being just as unhappy with your life as you were prior to quitting your job and starting internet marketing. You have no choice but to strike a balance between how much time you spend in the online world and still being able to get everything done around the house.

Hopefully this helps you see how important it is to “keep it simple” as you continue your marketing endeavors online.

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