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It Takes Two – Joint Venture Marketing Online

Sometimes it takes two to get the job done. Have you noticed this in your internet marketing experience? Often we get plumb exhausted with how much we have to learn in order to do everything ourselves and avoid hiring someone else to do the job for us. But more than that, many times we find ourselves with a hit sales idea that could only be fulfilled if we knew how to do what it is we want to sell.

Well the good news is, thanks to so many internet marketers with variable skill sets, the internet is filled with opportunities to fulfill those selling ideas. And I’m not talking about going out and buying books or programs to teach you what you need to know to fulfill your product idea. I’m talking about a joint venture opportunity.

How Joint Ventures Work in Internet Marketing

Joint ventures are something you’re probably already familiar with. Usually a joint venture starts out with one or two people who have a business idea and go into business together to make it happen. Perhaps they need financial support, or maybe they don’t have the know-how to market or make the product. Whatever the reason for the “joint” part of the venture, it takes two parties to get it done.

Here’s an example. Suppose you came up with an idea to create a coaching program online. This coaching program was counseling-based, and involved creating a number of original CD’s and MP3 downloads as well as books, workbook materials and DVDs. You have this great idea as well as a huge list of people to market to, but you have no counseling degree and therefore don’t feel qualified to make this product yourself.

Instead of going to school for a few years and becoming a certified counselor, you would seek out someone who knows counseling and possibly has experience writing books and recording albums. You would approach this individual with your business plan, being sure to outline how exactly they would benefit financially, not just you. They may then agree to take on a business partnership with you.

After this initial agreement, some sort of timeline and scheduling plan must be put into practice. You might even involve a third party in your venture simply to oversee the financial and scheduling end of the business, to ensure that everything is fair for both parties involved and so that trust (or lack thereof) on behalf of the other party doesn’t become an issue.

Joint ventures take many different shapes. You might want to do a coaching membership, or you might want to market an idea solely to an email list. Often one or the other party will have some sort of “anchor skill” or huge marketing resource before they partner up, if for no other reason than to give the business a better chance of survival. Regardless of what you pick, I think spreading your wings and doing something jointly with someone else will help you fulfill yourself and others in your business!


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  1. I totally agree regarding JVs even though I haven;t got to that stage yet. You can’t spend 0.9 of your time learning and 0.1 working. You’ll go broke or, rather, you’ll stay broke. Bring in the talent. Its only another version of outsourcing (although its a bit more expensive).

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