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Is Your Fear Getting in the Way of Your Business?

As an internet marketer, you’ve probably been around the circles of not only business and marketing but also self help and positive attitudes. Some people may take it a tad far for your comfort, but most of us will read about how our attitudes either help or hinder our business and nod our heads in agreement.

But it’s one thing to read about how certain attitudes affect our business, and it’s another to realize how those attitudes really play out when we go to work and make decisions for our websites, new clients, new products, new ideas and so forth. I think it’s time we explore this again, even if it’s something you’ve already heard about somewhere along the line.

How Certain Fears Keep You from Success

It’s easy to tell someone, “Don’t be afraid to try new things! Fear of change is bad for you!” But do you take that advice to heart yourself? And do you really know which fears are the worst and can be most crippling? Let’s take a look at a few of those.

The first fear I’d like to touch on is the Fear of Rejection. And yes, all of us have suffered from this fear at some point or another. You might be under that fear right now. “But I don’t care what my friends and family think,” you might say. But the fear of rejection goes beyond that.

Most fears all wrap around to rejection somehow. If you fear failure, you don’t want to feel rejected by friends, peers or clients by having to suffer that failure. If you fear success, you don’t want to be rejected by friends you have who will invariably leave you if you make more money than they do.

The fear of rejection, failure, and success are three of the top fears people have worldwide. Did you know that? It’s true. A lot of these fall under the category of another fear that many people hold, the fear of the unknown.

Do you see how some fears seem to piggyback on top of one another? If you’re afraid of one thing, you will likely also fear another.

Getting over those fears isn’t something that happens overnight. But here are a few tips that I hope will help you in getting over them quickly.

First and foremost, embrace change. Do not fear it. Whether you succeed, fail, make mistakes or become rejected, this is all a type of change. If there is something you fear directly, research it in healthy amounts and then put it aside and forget about it. Knowledge is the antidote to fear, so learn all you can about getting rid of a particular fear you have. As far as your business is concerned, do you see how these fears will prevent you from making necessary changes that will affect your business? Some changes are necessary to keep you relevant in general, and by not making those changes, you will actually set yourself up for failure, which is likely also one of your fears. Fear is a ball of fire that bounces off many aspects of your life, not just one, and the more you let it stay in one place without extinguishing it, the more damage it does.

Now ask yourself, is there something I’ve been putting off? Have I decided not to start a business because I fear failure or rejection? Have I not changed my website because I just hate change? Make a reality check, and then make the necessary changes!



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