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Internet Marketing Articles: Web-Specific Articles

Internet marketing articles permeate the internet marketing niche in many waysInternet marketing articles. For most marketers, article marketing is done for free through article directories like Ezine Articles, Articles Base, Go Articles and Easy Articles. These differ from typical newspaper or magazine articles in several ways, which you will learn about here.

Internet marketing articles are structured in a certain way such that people browsing the internet can easily digest them. Unlike newspaper and magazine articles, which are written to the heart’s content of the author, internet articles need to be to the point and filled with certain keywords to be qualified for inclusion in search engine results.

Internet Marketing Articles and Their Purpose

Internet marketing articles are designed for two purposes. The first is to drive traffic. The second is to serve as a call to action to encourage readers to click-through your links to the affiliate program or product that you are promoting.

The way you write your internet marketing articles will determine if readers will actually read through to the end or just hit the back button on their browsers. There are millions of articles online that you’re competing against, and they can just as easily find someone else’s if they don’t like the way you wrote yours. You really have to impress readers online, and you don’t have much time – about 2-5 seconds – to do it.

How to Structure Internet Marketing Articles

Let’s get down to the business of how you should write your internet marketing articles. Before you start writing anything, you need to select a keyword with low competition. Your keyword should be an actual phrase that is two to five words or so in length, not just one word. It is through these keywords that readers will find your article and be tempted to visit your site.

Next, you need to structure the article such that it is easy to read on the screen. No one can easily digest huge blocks of text, so make paragraphs two to three sentences long, then leave a space in between them.

Let’s talk a little bit about keyword placement now. Depending on how long your phrase is, you’ll need to include the keyword about five times in the body of the article, granted that you  have at least 500 words.

Start the entire article with your keyword phrase, if possible. If it doesn’t sound grammatically correct, then at least put it in the first sentence of the first paragraph. Sprinkle it evenly throughout the rest of the article, then be sure to put it in the last sentence of the last paragraph.

Give the article a great title, too. Try to start the title with your keyword phrase. If it doesn’t sound grammatically correct to attach more words onto it, then place a colon after the keyword phrase and explain the title in more detail after the colon.

For example, you might write “Internet Article Writing: How to Write Web-Friendly Articles,” if your keyword is internet article writing. You see how easy it is to write internet marketing articles?

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  1. Great post about article marketing, Sean. Your comment about needing to have many quality articles published before you can expect results is right on the money. I personally discovered this “little secret” only recently. I could have saved myself a lot of frustration if I had known this before.

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