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Five Ways to Increase Twitter Traffic

If you’re an internet entrepreneur, you’re probably shaking your head at how few Twitter followers you have and how many Facebook followers you have. Why so many Facebook fans and so few Tweeters? There are plenty of studies behind the psychology behind the whole Facebook versus Twitter battle, but they mean little for you unless you know how they apply in reality.

Here’s the lowdown: a lot of people just view Twitter as a place to use hashtags, read celebrity gossip and do little else. They’re not on it to make business decisions, unless they’re hardcore followers of some marketpreneur. They’re on Twitter to waste time and enjoy themselves, and that’s the kind of mentality you have to cater to if you want to get more followers. In this guide, I plan to help you do just that.

  1. Tweet everything you put on Facebook: Make sure you make everything you put on Facebook available to the masses on Twitter as well. That way, if some of your followers happen to be more into Twitter than Facebook, you give them the opportunity to see everything they could see on Facebook.
  2. On the other hand: Entice readers to become Tweeters and not just Facebookers by offering Twitter prizes. Say, when you reach 100 followers, you’ll give away a free ebook. That’s a sure way to gain more followers the right way.
  3. Advertise your Twitter handle on your other social media networks: Don’t assume everyone who follows you on Facebook, Foursquare, Tumblr and Plurk knows that you have a Twitter, much less what your Twitter handle is. So post something like “don’t forget to follow me on Twitter!” followed by your handle or a link to your Twitter page so they can easily find it.
  4. Put your Twitter icon in a prominent place on your website: I like to put all my social media icons – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, etc. – on a block in my right sidebar on my websites. People know to look for it there, and that way, they can access your social media from any page. Better yet, also include a social bookmarking tool at the top of each article or post to let readers easily post a link to specific content on their own social media profiles.
  5. Have your “fun stuff” go on your Twitter feed first: Any pictures you take with InstaGram, anything you pin to your Pinterest feed – all of this should hit your Twitter first, at least during the time that you’re trying to up your follower count. That way your audience is further enticed to check your Twitter profile and comment on it, and you can track how much good all that fun stuff is really doing you.

So there you have it – five ways that you probably never thought of before to raise your Twitter follower count. Just keep doing it the right way, without spamming anyone, and you’ll have a happy list of Tweeters following you wherever you go.

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  1. Thanks for the very informative article, Sean. I’ll give these a try – I need more followers! As regards posting everything to Twitter that you post on Facebook, I use an app that posts to FB, Twitter AND LinkedIn at the same time.

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