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Hype Avoidance 101

avoiding_hypeIf you have bought an information product online in the last few weeks, this article will really speak to you, and hopefully enlighten you if you are going to sell products yourself.

The key to great sales copy is not over-hyping the material in any way, and at the same time, staying close enough to the facts to make it sound as awesome as possible.

Sometimes, you do need to embellish a little on the facts, so they stand out, and sway the reader in one direction or another, but you must at all times remain factual about what you are selling.

The problem with hype, is that it is instantly recognizable, and if you searched for a dozen of the same sentences online, then you would come up with quite a few hits, all of which being identical.

You will have seen the same titles and sub headers a hundred times, or at least varieties of them. They are promising you time or money, in return for a few dollars. If you look closely enough at a sales copy, you can actually see the personality of the person who wrote it – but if you having to look closely, then they have got it all wrong. Instantly, you should be able to distinguish one sales copy from another. You should also see some reviews that do all the hype – not the actual sales copy body. Hype works when it is from an impartial party. If you see a review from a webmaster, along with their website URL, then you put much more faith in that hype than you would from the salesman.

When you are writing your own copy, remain relaxed throughout, and let that show in the content. You should not have to hard sell a good product. Remember to state only facts. Tell them exactly what they are buying, and what it does in comparison to other products. Remember to include your USP (Unique selling point) in the copy, and tell the reader where your product beats others.

Don’t tell them what they “could” get out of buying your products, tell them what they WILL get from it. This is another key element of goof sales copy, because when you are telling a person what they can do with your product, they visualize themselves doing it. The more aspects you can help them visualize, the better for you it is.

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