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How You Can Build a Mailing List with Over 100,000 Subscribers without a Website

list buildingToday, I am going to share with you a technique that is every powerful indeed and one I don’t hear a lot of people talk about. Now you may have heard of this phrase before, but it is true “the money is in the list”.

However, for many people, creating a mailing list seems to be difficult. Well, not anymore. I am going to show you a very clever technique that you can use today to start building a very powerful e-mail list without designing a website or doing anything complicated at all.

The strategy has helped me build many powerful e-mail lists that I can continuously market products to. Also, what we can do is leverage other people’s lists and websites to generate our leads with minimal effort. Not only that, we can also make a ton of extra money by doing so.

So, how do we do this? Well, traditionally, you would set up a website and invest a lot of time and resources in creating a “wrapper” around a promotion of some sort.

Don’t get me wrong, this can work, but I very much come from the school of thought that says “test, test, test”. As such, I don’t want to waste a lot of time in development, graphics work, and time until I have proved to myself that the campaign will produce results.

So what I do is skip all the hassle and time investment by creating what is called a “Squeeze page”. Now, if you’re not familiar with this term, let me explain.

A squeeze page is essentially a one-page call to action and contains a powerful headline, brief bullet points that highlight the benefits of taking action, a section for the customer to fill in their e-mail details and a big call to action to get them to sign up.

Once a customer that takes action and signs up through this squeeze page they are then sent to the page you want them to end up on. This is called the “thank you” page.

When you drive people to squeeze page, they expect some “thank you” in exchange for the action. Now if you have your own products to market, that is perfect. You can use that as your “reward”. Often people give away a free gift of some sort. For example, a free report, a free gift, or a discount on a product or service.

However, if you don’t have any of those things available, there is an alternative that can put some nice cash in your pocket. Basically, you can go out to some of these affiliate networks and find someone else’s product to promote. They have already invested all the time and money in creating a powerful website that is optimized and streamlined for conversions and have done all the hard work for you.

By driving traffic to these sites, if you are credited with any of the sales of this product, you earn a commission. Depending on the product, the market, and the interest in this product, you stand to make some very nice income from this.

Now, I’m sure in the back of your head there is the burning question “how do I get traffic to my squeeze page?”

Well, here is the secret. Basically you contact people who are already active in your market and who have a large e-mail list already or a newsletter in your market. Find a few of the most powerful products already in your niche and ask them how much they would charge for you to advertise to that list with a custom mailing or how much they would charge for an advertisement in their newsletter or on their website.

If you can strike a good deal, and there are plenty of good deals to be had, you basically write a brief email that promotes the benefits of the product for your squeeze page and then drive traffic to your squeeze page, which is then redirected to the affiliate site.

I started doing this over two years ago and the first time I tried this I paid $1000 for a mailing and I got over 2000 sign-ups. Not only that, I also made $4000 in commissions from customers who actually purchased the product I was promoting. I then used that money to contact other people with other lists and pay for more mailings and ads in newsletters and let it grow from there.

Each time I did this, I made a solid profit and continued to build a very powerful mailing list. As you can see, you can rinse and repeat this process many times and the effort was almost nonexistent.

Of course, there are many other ways you can drive traffic to squeeze page. For example you could use Google AdSense or other pay per click networks, article marketing, video marketing, or any other form of traffic generation. However, this technique I’ve shared with you here is very easy to do as a lot of the hard work has already been done for you, all you need is a little bit of investment to pay the list owners.

So as you can see, this is a very powerful little technique that can help you create your own customer base starting today. So the next question is “are you going to take action?”

Let me know your thoughts on this, I always love to hear from my readers.

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