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How to Track Leads: Why Lead Tracking is Important

How to track leads and find out where your sales are coming fromHow to track leads is a vital concept you need to know how to fulfill. Regrettably, many internet marketers are gambling – yes, gambling – thousands of dollars every month with PPC and SEO marketing tools. The problem isn’t that they’re spending money on something that could potentially grow their business. The issue is that they often have no way of tracking whether it does any good. That’s why knowing how to track leads is important.

For instance, let’s say you started a PPC campaign with a $500 per week budget. This sum is by no means simply “nominal;” that $500 per week really adds up! In order to tell if you’re making any money off of your campaign, you need to be able to track whether a click converts into a sale or if the visitor merely clicked off of your page.

You Waste Money if You Don’t Know How to Track Leads

You’re literally leaving money on the table if you don’t invest in some way of figuring out how to track leads. Actually in some ways, you’re dumping it right down the drain. Using that weekly budget of $500, let’s say you spend all of that on a Google AdWords campaign. You take a look at the Google tracking and see which keywords got the most clicks. Then you look at how many sales you made for the week and probably assume those sales came from the most highly trafficked keywords.

But did they really? You have no way of really knowing. That’s why you should put certain indicators in place to tell for sure if your marketing tactics are doing any good.

How to Track Leads with Marketing Ideas

Some marketers figure out how to track sales by using different landing pages for each keyword they target. Once on that landing page, they can choose a specific link that the visitor can click-through to purchase their product. That link could contain a piece of information that is logged in software to determine if the user ended up purchasing through that link.

Sometimes you can also use optimization software that takes the keyword from the search engine query and passes it through in a cookie to the purchase page. This is another way to know how to track leads with your PPC campaigns.

But what if you sell offline products? Let’s say that you want to sell gym equipment, but your website really only advertises for your local store. How do you track non-internet sales?

That part is actually easy, because you don’t have to use as much tracking information. Simply give the customer an incentive, such as a $25 gift card to print off, or a promotional code to bring into the store to receive a percentage off of their purchase. Using a different promotional code for each ad will help you determine which keywords and/or landing pages really converted into sales. That’s how easy it is to figure out how to track leads!

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