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How to Market on Facebook Part 2: Widening Your Reach

A week ago we touched on the benefits of using Facebook to market to your target audience and how beneficial it is for engaging your followers. In case you missed it, here it is: How To Market On Facebook Part 1: Engaging Your Audience. 

Just a quick recap: Facebook receives A LOT of traffic. With over 1 billion users, many of them check their accounts multiple times a day. If you’re not utilizing Facebook as a potential tool to build yourself as an authority and to maintain a dialogue with your target market, then you are severely missing out.

Today however, we are going to cover another aspect of Facebook marketing. I’m going to actually walk you through the steps of creating an ad that will skyrocket the amount of people that “Like” your page. Have you ever heard the email marketing adage, “the money is in the list?” Many of the top performers would agree with that statement as building an email list allows you to continuously contact potential consumers with your offers. Well, guess what? You can do the same thing with the followers on your Facebook page. Now, I’m not telling you to spam. Quite the contrary, but having a massive following on Facebook can truly be a game changer.

Alright, so after you’ve created your page and added some content, you will have the ability to create an ad. This is where you will begin.

You will be prompted with 3 options. For today, we are going to focus on the “Advanced Options.”

How To Market On Facebook

Below the “Advanced Options” you will be allowed to upload up to 6 images. An interesting feature that Facebook has recently added is the ability to use multiple pictures per ad. This means that the ads will rotate through using the same text, but with the different pictures you’ve chosen. This will allow you to split test different images to see what is converting and what isn’t.

A quick note about choosing photos: Try to come up with something interesting. It doesn’t necessarily have to be anything awe inspiring, but it needs to catch the eye of your targets. A fun trick that many marketers have begun doing is to add a bright border around the image. This makes it stand out against all of the other things that may be going on in someone’s news feed. I would personally suggest using either a red, green, or orange outline.

The next step is to decide whether you want your ad to appear in the right column or directly in the person’s News Feed. I’ve personally had the best luck posting ads in the right hand column. We’re going to use a CPC model so we don’t want anyone randomly clicking on the ad and wasting money unless they are actually interested in what we have to offer.

How To Market On Facebook A catchy headline is imperative. With only 25 characters to work with, it has to be something short and sweet. Some choose to list the name of their page or a product they market while others choose to be more creative and ask an intriguing question. With 90 characters to work with, the text can be lengthier.

Now comes the interesting part. This is where you truly get to target your audience members. All of the different factors will depend heavily on who your target audience is. The CPC estimates for your bids will vary greatly on what you choose. For the most part, I would suggest choosing only 1 or 2 countries to begin with.

As for the age group, I would suggest mid to late 30’s up to the mid 50’s. These are the people with the most money and are the most likely to purchase from you. Even though choosing a younger age demographic will significantly lower your CPC, do you honestly think a 20-something-year-old college student is going to purchase your online product? Not likely.

Unless you have a specific gender in mind, you can keep it neutral. If you begin to notice a growing trend in “Likes” from one gender or the other, you can always adjust it later.

The interests section is where people tend to screw up. They won’t do their due diligence and will just choose a broad interest. Don’t do this. Instead, begin typing keywords that are relevant to your niche. You’d be amazed at how many you will find. There is no limit to how many you can target. I’ve personally targeted over 100. I know of marketers that have gone over 400. However, it is important to avoid the large, generic pages within your niche. They will be less likely to convert to sales and will just drive your CPC up. For instance, if I was in the fitness niche I would not choose to target fans of Bodybuilding.com. They have a lot of fans, many of which just “Liked” their page on a whim, plus your less informed competitors are already targeting them, thus the reason why my estimated CPC would immediately rise. It is better to target hundreds of smaller pages than a few generic large ones. Choose wisely.

 How To Market On Facebook

Once you’ve run out of ideas, begin targeting your competitors. This is important. Why? Because if they are a fan of your competitor, there is a good possibility that they have already purchased their product. This is a good indicator that they are willing to spend money, have in interest within your niche, and have a problem that needs to be fixed. By targeting them, they may just purchase from you as well.

The next step is to manage your connections. If this is a campaign for new “Likes” you will want to target those that are not already connected to your page.

These next 2 tidbits can be adjusted accordingly; the relationship status and the education level. I personally try to target those that are college grads. It is statistically proven that college grads make more money on average. Those are the people we want to see your products and services. I don’t find that the relationship status matters too much unless you have a niche specific product such as a dating advice info product.

You will now need to establish a budget. I would advise running the ad continuously for several days as the ad will tend to improve dramatically after a day or so of being live. As for the budget, that is up to you. But as I mentioned before, the CPC will drop quite a bit the longer the ad runs, so if you have a strict budget, it may be best to save it until the ad begins to perform.

The last part is to place your CPC bid. If you’ve done everything correctly, then forget what the estimated bid is. Begin with $0.05. Believe it or not, as the ad begins to pick up steam, it can easily drop below a single penny per click, although, the ad itself may need a bit of tweaking to reach this point. Your best option is to let the ad run for several days before touching it. It may take a while for Facebook to actually approve the ad and begin running it. After it does begin running, the first few days it may perform horribly. That is why I suggested starting with a low daily budget. After it builds up some steam, the price will generally begin to drop. You may even want to run multiple at a time to see which performs the best.

 How To Market On Facebook

Facebook is an effective marketing tool to say the least. Obviously your personal settings for your ads will differ depending on your personal situation. Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to draw people in like never before!

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