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How to Market a Website: Easy Website Promotion

How to market a website, how to use social media promotionHow to Market a Websiteand how to do both of those things on the cheap are probably ideas that have run across your mind when you’re trying to promote your website. The good news for you is, many of the best marketing strategies are actually free.

We’ll talk a little bit about some of these marketing strategies in this guide. Not all marketing techniques are free, but some of the best ones are, and they are meant to last a long time as well. From backlinks to social media, we’ll talk a little bit about many popular strategies.

How to Market a Website with Article Directories

If you’ve been around the marketing scene for a while, you’re probably aware of the term “article marketing.” If you’ve heard of that, then chances are you also know of some of the most popular article directories. This is one of the most popular (and free) marketing techniques that website owners use to send traffic to their businesses.

Want to know how to market a website with article directories? Ezine Articles, Articles Base and Go Articles are some of the most popular online article directories, and they’re great places to start submitting articles. Here’s how to market a website using these tools.

First, write a decent, 450-word to 700-word article centered around a keyword related to your website’s niche. The article should reflect expert knowledge and provide the reader with the information you promised in the title of the article. If you conveyed expertise and helpful information in the article, your readers will be inclined to click on the link in the resource box. This should be a link to your website, and should take them to the appropriate landing page.

The key to getting traffic to your article on the directory in the first place is by employing sound SEO strategies. Using keywords at the appropriate frequency in the title and throughout the article will help you immensely when ranking in the search engines.

How to Market a Website Using Social Media

Knowing how to market a website requires that your  website contain some link-worthy content, especially if you want it to succeed in the social media networks. These include not only word-of-mouth posts, like Facebook and Twitter, but also social bookmarking sites like Digg and Delicious.

What type of content are we talking about? For starters, “top ten” lists are insanely popular on the internet. People love to scroll down a list of the top ten most popular movies, books, songs, shows, products, gurus, etc. The same goes for “top ten worst” lists as well, not just the “best of” lists.

Once you have this sort of linkable content, it’s time to start promoting it. Link to this via an article on an article directory. Then link to both of these on bookmarking sites and on your Facebook page and Twitter feed. You can even submit links to free RSS feeds if you wish.

Remember to choose quality sites, however. Links from link farms or junky websites will hurt your site’s rank in the search engines.

You can also offer to trade links with another reputable site. This is done by linking to each other’s websites on a permanent page or blogroll. Even if no one looks at the links page or the blogroll, the “link juice” still helps your website where the search engines are concerned.

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