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How to Improve SEO on Your Sites

How to improve seoHow to improve SEO – that’s the question everyone is asking now that Panda and Penguin have marked their casualties. While Google figures out its next launch against internet marketers, we need to figure out how to outsmart their next moves. Unfortunately, what follows in this guide will show how much Panda and Penguin spelled death for existing sites, but in a way, what comes in how to improve SEO actually makes things easier for you as the site owner to please Google.

We all know that Google has wanted a good “user experience” for a long time now, and that they value this over how well we formulate our articles, work in backlinks, build anchor text and so forth. But Google has taken it to a new level and has slapped millions of sites that were once thought to be Google friendly and search engine optimized. Now, search engine optimization has taken a totally different look, and in some rather unexpected ways.

How to Improve SEO in Your Blog Posts

One of the biggest improvements you need to start implementing right away in how to improve SEO is in the way you write your blog posts. Aside from seeking out keyword phrases for the sole purpose of catching a visitor’s eye in the search results, using keywords anymore for any kind of density or anchor text purpose is pretty much passé. If you’re planning on pandering to Google, you’ll  have to first pander to the visitor or customer.

Google now despises it when you use your keyword phrase as your anchor text. So what should you use instead? For some reason, lingo such as “click here” and “read more” will now take precedence over “mac dvd ripper” and “ how to get rid of your acne.” Apparently, Google sees it as less commercial and more like what readers expect to see when they’re about to visit a new page.

Does this make your previous articles – which you spend hours analyzing for keyword anchor text capability – worthless? Perhaps not entirely, but the outlook for existing ones is pretty bleak. Article directories are now deemed of little value for backlinking purposes, and in addition, you certainly don’t want to be posting duplicate content of your articles all over the place anymore, either. So if anyone tells you that in order to know how to improve your SEO, you have to keep using article directories, they probably don’t know what they’re talking about.

How to Improve SEO with Your Keyword Selection

Getting nitty-gritty with your keyword phrases is now the “in” thing to do in how to improve SEO. Due to not being able to leverage the ordinary evergreen niches quite so much anymore due to their spammy quality in Google’s eyes, many internet marketers are left looking for other sources of income. This may means that purchasing extra keyword research tools and reevaluating your data strategy are in order. Long tail keywords aren’t necessarily king just for being long. Really evaluate how well they convert in order to know how to improve your SEO.

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