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How to Go Viral: Are You Taking the Wrong Approach?

How to go viral – this is a phenomenon that every internet marketer wants to obtain,How to go viral but one that most get wrong 99% of the time. Why? Because they always take the wrong approach. They have the wrong mentality when creating and promoting an article, video or website that they wish to have go viral, and as well-intentioned as they may be, they generally fall short.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to know how to go viral. The problem is that you don’t determine what goes viral; the internet market does. That is, you can’t necessarily produce a video, point your finger to it and say, “This video WILL go viral!” It doesn’t work like that in the online world. So stop wasting your time trying to make a viral video or blog post, and start working on what people actually want to see. We’ll go into more detail in the next paragraphs.

How to Go Viral with a Blog Post or Article

You must understand something about the internet before assuming you know how to go viral with written content. To say that there is a massive amount of content online to compete with is a gross understatement. The internet is more than just a little competitive these days. Not only are you working against other bloggers and site owners, you’re trying to please Google more than ever.

That means you have to do several things. First, keep track of your keyword phrase usage and make sure you’re putting them in all the right spots in your article. Without a strong keyword phrase, you’ll never get that killer blog post found in the search results.

Want a tip? Viral articles generally have to do with news items. If you’re not already an expert blogger with thousands of readers chomping at the bit to get to your next piece of advice, you must rely on other avenues. Perhaps you need to write a similar blog post to your original and post it on a popular website that allows article submissions. Place a link to your blog post and watch the traffic trickle in. If it’s about a controversial sports, celebrity or politics topic, you’re almost certain to get views.

How to Go Viral with a Video

Knowing how to go viral with a video doesn’t take any special skill. Unfortunately, with all the stereotypical cat videos that go viral online, it’s hard to put your finger on what type of cat video will really take off for you.

But it’s not all about kitties and bunny rabbits anymore. Dance bloopers, furniture moving failures and babies making goofy faces all tend to go viral. But if you don’t have any of these “talents” at your disposal, you’re not completely bust.

Viral videos sometimes need a little bit of juice to help them get the ball rolling. If you upload a video that is relevant, funny, shocking or deeply saddening, send a link to popular blogs and news sites. Submit the link to RSS feeders, too. Be sure to place the title in the tags so that if you do figure out how to go viral with it, searchers will be able to find it easily.

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