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How to Drive Traffic Using Google Images

googlesearchYesterday we discussed the potential of Google Images, and why we should use it. As you know, if you use Google images right you can create a flood of laser targeted traffic to any website you own.

Well, there is more to the actual “Google Images” equation to cover. This post will give you the insight you need to start ranking your images on there, and see some traffic.

What’s in a name?
The first thing you should do is start naming your images correctly. Instead of mm01.jpg use the filename as a way to describe the image to the viewers, like make_money_online_blog.jpg.

Do you ALT?
A really good way of telling Google’s image bot and the rest of the world what your image is, is by using the ALT tag. WordPress blogs give you this option automatically when you upload, because it is the best practice. Have you been guilty of overlooking this tag and leaving it as default? Make sure you name it something very relevant like How To Make Money Online – This Blog Shows You How. Look how much information this conveys.

Don’t be a Cheapskate
The worst mistake you can make, besides not naming your images correctly is to host them on a free service like Photo Bucket. Make sure you host everything on your own server. Google likes this, and you are less likely to lose images to server downtime on free hosts.

Be Descriptive
Surround the image itself with descriptive content. Here is an example:

How To Use Google Images For SEO

As you can see from the above image, Google Images now has a brand new look, but you may not know that Google Images can be used for SEO for your website.


Use the ALT, title and surrounding text to describe the image. This is real Google fodder.

Those really are the easy to follow steps that can get your images ranking on Google Images. Of course, don’t just use it with every niche you have got in your arsenal. Use it with related content or products that would benefit from image traffic. Imagine being able to attract people who were looking for royalty free photos, then have a blog with affiliate links to the top stock photo sites…

Think outside the box, get creative, and enjoy your new source of traffic!

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