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How to Create Eye Catching Subheadings on your Sales Page

When you create a sales page for an eBook, or for a squeeze page, you need to pay attention to the quality of the headlines. When a visitor hits that page, they should not see incorrect font sizes from one word to the next, or blocky graphics. This short tutorial should help you create great looking, almost professional subheadings very quickly and without any major expense.

If you do not have a graphics program like Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop or similar, then you will need one for this little tutorial. The tutorial images are from Paint Shop Pro.

Create a new page, with a transparent background. Now, select your text tool, and write your subheading in the color WHITE. You should choose a font like Impact or Arial Black for this.

Make your font size around 36+ and also you need to set your stroke size (the outline of the text) to about 4 pixels. Center your text.

Now, you need to use a drop shadow effect for this text. Your graphics package will have a tool or menu setting for this. We are going to use it for the text we just created. We will set the drop shadow so it falls just under and to the right of the text.


The offset is vertically and horizontally 2 pixels, and the color used was #808080.


Now we will create another text, and write exactly the same heading or subheading, except this time with a stroke width of 0 pixels, and the font color being red.
Position the new text layer above the white text, right in the center of the white text as below


Some people say it’s best to just do a red text, with white stroke of 2 pixels. The reason I do it this way, is because I often want to change the uppermost text’s stroke color – to maybe light grey:


Once you are happy with your text, simply save as a .PNG file, so the transparency remains. That way, you can insert it into blog posts, forum posts or whatever you wish – and the drop shadow effect will work just as well. Here’s the finished article:



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