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How To Be a Hero In 7 Days

heroSeven days is not a long time, although you can accomplish a hell of a lot if you put your mind to it. For example, what if you could expand your list AND your traffic AND your profit in just seven days, and I could teach you this in under seven minutes? Would you be interested? Then read on.

There are two things all internet marketers should have, and should keep in great shape – a list, and a blog. Your list is you immediate money maker, and should always be kept up to date with what you are doing. You should never overmarket a list, but always ensure you are giving them something free. If you haven’t given them something free lately, then following this article will certainly make them smile. The blog should always be up to date with your latest products, and reviews on products (which you can link to for an affiliate commission).

The way to ensure you get traffic, profit, and new subscribers is very simple. And it is all free.

Firstly, you will need some great PLR, or you will need to write seven articles on a subject you are very comfortable with, and that you are able to give full details of methods about.

Go visit the Warrior Forum, Digital Point or V7n Forums, and change your signature to something like “7 day free course on social marketing – check out my blog” or “7 day free course on PPC profit! – Check out my blog” or whatever your decided subject is. The reason we are saying “check out my blog” is because we’re going to put the signup (to your list) on there, and increase your traffic and subscriber base. You will start getting plenty of hits if you have a lot of posts on a forum, and it would be worthwhile posting replies on threads that include your subject matter.

To profit from this simple exercise, make sure at the end of the course you have a simple upsell to a related product. “If you want more great info on this subject, I recommend checking out: XYZ product. This link gets you a great discount:.” This simple and effective method is used by hundreds of people, and you reap the rewards over a very long period.

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