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How One Internet Marketer Made $17,351 In His First Month: Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, I introduced you to my friend Daniel.

He’s no genius by any means, but he used a simple method to generate some serious revenue for himself. He now lives an extremely comfortable life and has given me permission to share his strategy.

Alright, so let’s give a quick rundown of what we covered in the first post.

I showed you how to choose the correct niche, create an enticing free offer, and also produce a squeeze page for capturing the email addresses.

On your squeeze page, you will be giving away your free offer in return for the recipients email address. This is a fairly standard practice, but for those that are completely new to the game, you might want to check out an autoresponder such as Aweber or Get Response so that you can automate the entire process when the sign up.

Step #4 – Offering Immediate Results (OTO)

When someone signs up through your opt-in they are in dire straits. They have a problem and they are looking to you for the solution.

In today’s society, everyone wants results and they want it NOW. That means that by making the conscious decision to input their information into your squeeze page, they went from a cold lead to a hot n’ ready potential consumer.

Think about it…if they weren’t interested in what you have, they could have simply clicked away, but instead, they decided to seek out your help. They had to find your squeeze page (we’ll talk about how they found it shortly).

Next they openly admitted that they have a problem and are desperate for a solution by providing their precious contact information.

Then they had to fully commit by clicking on the big button (that’s it, there’s no turning back now)!

They are looking for instant relief, so why not give it to them? As soon as they click that button, they should be sent a one time offer (OTO).

Let’s say that you’re operating within the acne niche. Nobody wants to wait 3 weeks while you sweet talk them with “tips” and “tricks” to help them get rid of their acne. They want a quick solution and will be willing to pay for it.

Again, let’s assume that you are in the acne niche; Creams, pads, skin solutions, programs, etc.

I’d recommend a low priced offer of anywhere between $10-$20 (maybe a bit more depending on the niche and products available). I know what you’re thinking, “but if they’re primed to buy, why not offer them something higher priced?”

That’s a good question. The reasoning behind providing a low cost offer is because it will be bought on sheer impulse. It’s a mindless action simply to provide relief for whatever ails them.

Anything higher and logic and reasoning begin to kick in, and when that happens, the little “excuse fairy” will rear its ugly head and talk the person out of buying. If you keep it small, then people will buy and not even think twice about it…which could lead to big profits for you!

Ok, so here’s how you’re going to do it. You can either become an affiliate for a product or service at one of the bajillion websites that will allow you to do that online. That makes the entire process practically done for you because there’s no need to create anything of your own.

OR, you could take the route less traveled (but far more profitable) and create your own OTO. Again, this can be anything from a report, to a short ebook, to videos, etc.

Then all you need to do is create a short sales page for your one time offer literally on the same page as the free offer. The person subscribed to your email list to receive your free offer, so you might as well use that opportunity to pitch your OTO when they go to obtain it.

However you choose to do it is up to you, as long as you DO IT!

Step #5 Create Mind Blowing Content

Notice I didn’t say “re-written half-assed articles” or “PLR garbage”, I said mind blowing content. This means that the content needs to be unique, it needs to be original, and it needs to knock the socks off of anyone that reads it…yeah, that kind of mind blowing content.

Fortunately for you, if you’re not literarily adept, then you can easily find someone else to do the work for you. There are countless reliable writers available online (you just have to sift through some bad ones to find them).

I would suggest searching these locations;

Warrior for Hire




You can even go back to Magazines.com for some inspirational ideas and titles.

Now, this content isn’t to be posted on your blog, and you only need a few quality pieces. This content will be created specifically for the next step…gaining traffic to your squeeze page.

In total, you should have at least 4 pieces of content on hand.

Step #6 – Siphoning Traffic

Paying for traffic is for chumps! The real champions of the internet marketing world receive their traffic for FREE.

This is how you’re going to do it…

You will need to find the biggest influencers in your niche. I’m not talking about the “small fry”, works on his blog on the weekend guy, I’m talking about the real power players. These are the big dogs that drive a TON of traffic to their website every single month.

A bit of research should help you find what you’re looking for. Blog comments, the amount of quality websites linking to their content, and amount of followers on their social media accounts are likely a good indication of how well the site actually does.

In the last step, you created some incredibly engaging content. You are now going to contact them and offer 3 out of 4 pieces of content to your power players / key influencers for FREE.

In a previous series of posts, I wrote about gaining guest blogging opportunities and how to contact blog owners and convince them to post YOUR content with a link to YOUR site (or in this case, your squeeze page). Here are the posts below;

The Guest Blogging Guide Part 1

What Sites to Look for: The Guest Blogging Guide Part 2

Success is Yours: The Guest Blogging Guide Part 3 – This is the post that takes you step-by-step and walks you through the entire process of contacting blog owners.

What you’ll want to do is offer 3 pieces of supremely awesome content to this blog owner. He will be so grateful to have extraordinary content, that he will post them onto his website. If he’s gracious, then he’ll link back to you, if NOT, then that’s not a problem either.

Here’s why.

You did him / her a HUGE favor. Blog owners aren’t machines. They get tired, they probably don’t have enough time to write their own content, and hate shelling out cash to have it written for them. You just provided them with a FREE solution. If anything, this helps you build a relationship.

And THAT is when strike, by asking them for a guest posting opportunity. They should be so thankful for helping make their life a little bit easier that they may jump at the chance to have you provide even MORE free content for them.

Remember that 4th piece of content that you didn’t give away? You can use this as your guest post and slip a link to your squeeze page in wherever you can. Once that post goes live, you should be FLOODED with new subscribers signing up for your free offer.

Where Does The Profit Come From?

Ok, it’s time to recap what’s happened so far…

  • You’ve chosen an evergreen niche that has an endless supply of desperate buyers
  • You have a squeeze page and a free offer for anyone that subscribes
  • You have massive amounts of traffic being sent to your squeeze page from one of the biggest players in your niche.
  • As soon as someone signs up through your form, they will be sent a one time offer that provides instant relief at a low price so that they make an immediate impulse buy.

At this point, you’re likely to have made a good deal of money, but why stop there? You’ve built a massive list of subscribers. All you have to do now is send them higher priced offers and watch the money come rolling in.

This is the exact marketing campaign that my friend Daniel used to go from stocking shelves in Bed Bath and Beyond, to making $17,351 in his very first month. He’s not special. Internet marketing does NOT have to be complex. It’s about finding a way to provide people with what they need.

The byproduct of providing a solution for people in need is that you can make a great deal of money in the process, just like my friend Daniel.



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