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How One Internet Marketer Made $17,351 In His First Month: Part 1

I have a friend named Daniel and he makes BANK.

Daniel wasn’t always the savvy internet marketer that he is today. In fact, Daniel was working a dead end, 9-5 job as a stock boy for a Bed Bath and Beyond (go figure). However, when he began his internet marketing career it was as if he had the Midas touch, because everything he worked with turned to gold!

Now, I had the opportunity to speak with Daniel and he provided a little bit of insight into what he’s been doing to produce such ridiculous results over the last few years. He didn’t mind sharing his secrets because he’s moved on to even bigger opportunities and can’t be bothered for a measly 17k a month (his words).

What he told me was incredible. Not because it was earth shattering, but because his strategy is so incredibly easy, that even a caveman could do it.

Believe it or not, the majority of successful internet marketers tend to use techniques that are insanely simple because it allows them to duplicate the results over and over again. Makes sense, right?

What separates them from the rest is that they;

  1. Take the time to master the techniques that they use
  2. Work exceedingly hard to ensure that the techniques they use are successful

What I’d like to do for you, is share exactly how my friend Daniel went from stocking shelves with towels at Bed Bath and Beyond to becoming an internet marketing superstar.

Not only will I show you how he made his fortune, but I’ll break it down step by step. That way, if you take the initiative, there should be no stopping you from dominating the online world.

Step #1 – Choose The Right Niche

Perhaps you already have something in mind? I always advise students to write about what you know, but Daniel believes that you should ONLY shoot for a niche that is highly competitive and in high demand (an evergreen niche).

An evergreen niche does not fade over time and do to human nature, will always be in high demand. For instance, I think we can all agree that the internet is here to stay, right? Plus, there will never be a shortage of people that wish to make money.

That is why the “Make Money Online” niche is considered evergreen. It’s not simply a fad and will likely be around as long as the internet and the need for monetary gain exist.

Another example would be the “Dating” niche. There will always be people looking for advice on how to improve interactions with those that they are attracted to. This is what makes this an evergreen niche. Ok, I think you get the point.

Anyway, Daniel’s reasoning for ONLY choosing one of these niches is because this is where the people are the most desperate. Their problem is causing them SERIOUS physical and emotional pain. They are highly motivated and willing to spend money on it.

You don’t have to convince them to buy…they already know they need what you have! Yes, there is competition, but there is also no shortage of buyers either.

For someone that suffers from health issues attributed to being overweight, you won’t need to sell them your weight loss solution, they will already be desperately searching for one.

You might think that there are only a few evergreen niches to choose from, but you’d be dead wrong; here is a list of just a FEW evergreen ideas.

Dog Training
Eating Disorders
Get Your Ex Back
Hair Loss
Heart Disease
How To Be Confident
How To Budget
How to Get Rid of Panic Attacks
Insurance (home/auto/life/pet)
Life Coaching
Marriage Advice
Memory Improvement
Mental Health
Mountain Biking
Multiple Sclerosis
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Single Parenting
Stop Smoking
Stop Snoring
Tattoo Removal
Time Management
Wedding Planning
Wedding Speeches
Weight Loss
Weight Training

You may notice that a lot of these niche ideas deal with health issues. That is because there are people out there that will do ANYTHING to cure whatever health problem ails them. You shouldn’t have to twist your potential consumer’s arm into purchasing your product, they should be coming to you with money in hand, desperate to fix their problem.

Choose anything from the list above and you can’t go wrong.

Step #2 Create an Enticing Free Offer

This entire strategy relies on email marketing, so it’s essential that you build up a list of subscribers, but like most things in life, you won’t get something for nothing, so you’ll need to provide a kickass free offer in order to obtain the email address of your potential consumer.

For some reason, creating a free offer is always something people tend to struggle with because they’re unsure of what people within their niche actually want.

Here’s how you fix that;

Go to www.magazines.com and search for magazines related to your niche. Magazine headlines are written by some of the most successful copywriters in the business, because the entire business model of the magazine industry relies on gaining the attention of consumers by what’s written on the very front.

Why do you think that there are always magazines lined up at the checkout aisle in every grocery store in the world? It’s because while people stand idly by waiting to check out, they are forced to read the headlines of some of these magazine publications, and many times, are persuaded to purchase them simply by what’s on the cover.

Believe me, the magazine business is absolutely cutthroat and only the strong survive, so if you see a magazine on this website, then chances are that it sells.

Not only can you gain incredible insight into what consumers are looking for based on what these magazines are promoting, but you can also produce spectacular headline ideas based on the front cover of a magazine.

These headlines are what people are DYING to know about…RIGHT NOW!

The current Men’s Health issue has a large, bold headline that says

“One Workout, One Hour. Burn 1,000 Calories”

Hmmm…If I wanted to create a free report that converts like crazy within the fitness niche, magazine headlines are a great place to start. Of course, you’ll want to spin them to make them your own, but these headlines should hopefully get the creative wheels in your mind spinning.

Ok, but what if there isn’t a magazine for your niche? After all, there’s probably not too many publications out there solely dedicated to curing acne. What do you do then?

Well, head over to Amazon or Barnes & Noble. There you will be able to search through the bestselling book titles of just about any category. When magazine titles aren’t available, these are the second best thing.

I did a quick search on Amazon for the word “Acne” and one of the first books that popped up was entitled “My Cure for Cystic Acne: A Testimony and Guide to How I Achieved Clear Skin”.

Wow, that’s not bad…

What’s even better is that some books will even provide you the option to get a little “sneak peak” into what is inside. Just a glimpse at the table of contents can offer a slew of fresh ideas on what your potential consumers might be interested in.

Step #3 Develop a Squeeze Page

Squeeze pages allow for your traffic to become subscribers (and potential consumers) by allowing them to enter their email address for your free offer in return.

Squeeze pages are a dime a dozen. You can find pre-made templates anywhere across the web or you can design your own using Optimizepress 2.0 or Leadpages to promote your free offer.

There is a lot of debate about the anatomy of squeeze pages and what makes up a squeeze page that truly converts. Some believe that short, simple squeeze page is best, while others believe that squeeze pages have evolved over time into longer, more detailed pages.

Take a look at the screenshot of the squeeze page below;


squeeze page1

This is an outstanding version of a short squeeze page. It contains a headline, a brief description, a few bullet points and of course a sign up area. It’s very basic, but would likely convert fairly well.

However, over the past few years Google has been cracking down on the amount of squeeze pages that they allow in Google Adwords. Something this basic may get your campaign flagged. This doesn’t mean that squeeze pages aren’t accepted by Google, it’s just that they want to promote quality information to their users and not something so short.

If you don’t plan on using Adwords as a traffic source in the future, then something like the squeeze page above will work just fine.

For those that DO plan on using Adwords, there is a solution that meets Google’s TOS and also converts like crazy. This solution is to create something similar to a long form sales page, but instead of selling a product, you’re simply promoting your free offer.

I’ve seen a few marketers pull this off quite well. In the location where you would generally add buttons for consumers to purchase, you would add sign up boxes instead. Yes, creating a longer squeeze page takes time, but can work just as well, if not better than a shorter one.

Ok, so I don’t want to overwhelm you with too much info, so that’s it for today. In the next post I’ll be revealing exactly HOW my friend Daniel gained enough FREE traffic to build an internet marketing empire.

You won’t want to miss step #4!

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  1. Nice article Sean. Can’t wait for the next part. Please please please put it up NOW ! Free traffic is always good, but not always the best, so I’m really keen to hear more. I’ve been dabbling in Facebook ads, Bing Ads, and solo’s. Always on the lookout for more traffic tips. I find that I just don’t get enough traffic from PPC and many solos aren’t worth the money you pay for them.

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