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How Not to Blog…

Instead of fielding the usual “How to do this” post, I thought it would be a good idea to let you know some of the worst how_not_to_blogways you can entertain your readers, and how to avoid them.

Its a fairly simple checklist, and pretty common sense throughout – but I’m sure 90% of us are guilty of not thinking the odd post through, and wishing we’d thought about it more.

So, here’s how to lose subscribers and alienate readers:

1.       Cover your blog with colorful banners that flash

2.       Cover your pages with ads that are not related to your niche

3.       Put Adsense between blocks of text, making it difficult to see what is content and what is not

4.       Put an image on your post that is a URL when you hover over it with the pointer. Link the image to itself, rather than related content

5.       Be over keen with keyword density. Keyword density is annoying if overdone. Keyword density can be done correctly, if you pay attention to keyword density rules. Keyword density does not mean spam the keyword (keyword density) in the post

6.       Review products with the sole intention of using blatant affiliate URLs

7.       Provide content that is copied directly from other sources without crediting

8.       Use misleading titles or titles that are an article in themselves

9.       Never check your spelling

10.   Swap between USA and UK English throughout a post

11.   Never answer comments which are directed at your personally

12.   Use popups on every page

13.   Don’t have a contact form or method of contacting you directly

14.   Write short posts that have no detail, and are just a lead into an affiliate link

15.   Use Adsense that does not blend in with your blog color theme

16.   Use themes that are difficult to navigate

17.   Use themes that take too long to load

18.   Use themes that do not resize correctly

19.   Use profanity in your content, as an attempt at being “controversial”

20.   Make posts after a seasonal event rather than before

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