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How Much Time Can You Save in a Day?

virtual_assistantIf you think you cannot afford a VA or Virtual Assistant, then you are probably wrong. The main reason Virtual Assistance is required in the first place is to alleviate the pressure of the main person in a business, so they can concentrate on bringing in new money.

 If you haven’t really sat down and worked out how much time you’re wasting every day, then we can work it out now.

If you consider all the emails you have written today, that could have been answered by someone else – then I’m sure you would be looking at possibly an hour, of writing two lines, confirming something, letting somebody know that they can pay to that Paypal email address…. all of that could have been done by somebody else.

Now, you may think that you have to train somebody for a long time to do this, but thats not always the case. If for example you create products for a living, then all you need to do, to have a VA answer support enquiries, is to have them study a copy of your guide for a few days, then ask them some quiz questions.

They will easily be able to answer simple support enquiries, and free up maybe an hour of your day. What would you do with five hours a week? You could probably write a mini guide – or partly research another one. Or maybe you could look for the next best thing your company should be dealing with.

A Virtual Assistant can also come in very handy when you are wanting to keep up a profile on a forum. Between admin duties, you can have a VA answer posts on your threads, or join in with conversations on the forum to keep you profile high. As an internet marketer, you could easily have some mini guides developed by a ghost writer, and post them for free on forums.

You will begin to get signups to your list, if you provide the guide via autoresponder – and all the while you are actually busy developing your other business activities. So if a VA costs you just $50 – $100 a week – how much money could this earn you in the long term?

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