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How Blogs Make Money and How You Can, too

How blogs make money might be a mystery to some people,How blogs make money but to the bloggers who have been doing it for years, it’s all about consistency. Consistency in publishing posts, consistency in quality content, consistency in replying to comments and consistency in keeping up with their goals, regardless of how dry it might get in the income stream.

Each blogger has their own ways of making money, but most of them overlap to an extent. They might each choose different companies to work with, but the overall methods are often very similar. In this guide, we’ll explore popular blog monetization methods that you can replicate yourself.

How Blogs Make Money with Affiliate Programs

If you’re an internet marketer, you might wonder how blogs make money with affiliate programs versus how websites do it. Turns out, they method is very similar. It’s all about how you present the material to your readers.

For instance, let’s say you just purchased a piece of video editing software for yourself. You’re so happy with the software that you decide to write a series of how-to posts on how to perform tasks inside the software. Instead of directly asking your readers to purchase the software just because you said it’s great to use, you should place your affiliate link in anchor text within your post to entice them to click on it naturally. If you cloaked your links properly (and reputably), they might not realize it’s an affiliate link unless you’ve mentioned it. You should put a disclaimer on your website if you plan to advertise affiliate programs so your readers aren’t under the impression you’re doing it all for free.

How Blogs Make Money with Ads

If you’ve ever wondered how blogs make money with ads, and if Google AdSense is the only option you have for an ad network, here’s an answer that will clear up your doubts.

Blogs make money with ads the same way websites do – by placing the ad code naturally within their posts. If they’re using a plugin, they can tell the plugin how many times they want the code to appear on the page (up to three times, if you’re using AdSense), where to place it in relation to the post and what size ads you want in which area. Of course, you will need your own AdSense account to insert any kind of code into your posts.

But Google AdSense isn’t the only way that blogs make money with ads. Other networks, such as Konterra and Chitika, offer ads too. You might also see InfoLinks pop up every now and then. These are all options you can choose from when selecting an ad network for your site. And yes, you may choose to use more than one.

If you want to make money with your own blog, you can use these ideas to foster other branches of the same method. For instance, you can sell ebooks instead of actual affiliate products. You can also choose to market your own product and receive all the money, not just the commissions. Thus, there are several answers to how blogs make money online.

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