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Host a Blog on Your Own Domain

Host a blog on your own domain Host a Blog– not only because it’s less hassle in the long run, but because you get to fully control the content you post on your blog. True, hosting a blog on your own website does cost many, but the cost is fairly negligible when you consider the alternatives.

In this guide, we’ll explore several reasons why you should host a blog, rather than using a free blog on another domain. Of course, there are a few very valid reasons to use free blogs on other sites as well, but for the most overall benefit to your business, using your own is definitely the way to go.

Host a Blog for Content Control

When you host a blog yourself, you get to decide what content you put on it. When you use a blog from Blogger or WordPress, you are bound by their terms of use. For instance, WordPress does not allow Google AdSense ad blocks anywhere on your blog when you host it on wordpress.com. But for many internet marketers, AdSense is an integral part of their online marketing strategy, making a WordPress-hosted blog the wrong way to go.

Then let’s take Blogger’s limitations. If you want to use any kind of PLR – and I’m not talking the kind that embodies black hat SEO, but rather the type that you honestly have the rights to use – they very well may lock you out of your blog, as they want you to use unique content, or at least not content that looks repurposed. That’s why you should host a blog yourself – you can’t very well get locked out of your own blog if no one else has the password!

Benefits You Get When You Host a Blog

So if you host a blog, you know for sure that you’re going to spend a little money. But it’s actually not as costly as you might expect. If you purchase a domain name for $9.99, then purchase economy hosting for $4.99 or so per month, you’re only out about $70 per year. That’s less than six dollars per month you’re spending to have control over your own blog. That’s less than two Starbucks drinks!

This little bit of spending gives you peace of mind that you’re not going to get banned from Blogger or WordPress. Plus, you still get to use a WordPress blogging platform if you want to, since most hosting services offer WordPress as an option from your control panel.

And instead of choosing just from the free templates offered on WordPress, you can purchase a paid theme that gives you even more say over how your blog looks.

If you want to host a blog that you plan to turn into a steady stream of income, you’re making the right decision to not host it on a free blogging site. That doesn’t mean you should use it as a reason to post black hat SEO on your site, but you can certainly host a blog for every legitimate purpose you can think of.


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