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Honesty is the BEST Policy


Honesty is always the best policy, and the more transparent you are with your readers, the better you will get along with them. A relationship with a reader is much like a relationship with your bank manager. You are always aware of what he is thinking about you, and he thinks you are always trying to get money out of him. Without him, you are doomed. In essence, he is the connection between your work, and you eating. Readers and visitors are just as important as your bank manager.

If you went to see your bank manager, and wanted some money, he is going to know straight away that you want that money. They just know. Its just like your readership. They see the email come in, they see the pitch, and then (lo and behold) and affiliate link with a price tag. The bank manager sits and waits patiently for you to finish telling him why you need the money, then he asks a question. “Can you afford this loan?”. Much the same as when the reader is going through your email marketing ad copy. They read patiently, all the while aware that a link is coming, or that a cost is going to be involved. Then they ask, “Does this product actually WORK?”.

Now, honesty in both situations is going to cause you to get what you want. Lie to a bank manager, and they will say no. Sound like every other email that reader had throughout the day, and they won’t click the link. You have to be honest.

Don’t use the template emails that are provided by the vendors of products in emails. Make up your own. Ask the vendor for a review copy, and do some screenshots of you using it, or a one minute video. The reader will be interested, and they will see transparency. You could also use the great marketing trick that Frank Kern uses in his emails – tell the reader that there’s an affiliate link coming up. Tell them it’s an affiliate link. Tell them you’d like to make a few dollars when they click. Honesty all round is very good for business. Especially with your bank manager.

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