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High Value Resources

high_value_linksWhen you are building your website, you should seriously consider a resource section which encourages outbound links to websites that are seriously big in PageRank.

This does a lot for you in the eyes of Google, such as the TrustRank factor, and also does a lot for your visitors. The trick is finding out what people are looking for on .edu or .gov websites, which you can tie into.

The link is not always apparent and you may have to draw a few nice brainstorming diagrams before you discover a way to do it – but it is worth it.

A resource section on your website may prove to be something that people refer to time and again, so you could end up with a bookmark or fifty, just from providing the right links to the right content. Let’s imagine you have a niche blog that serves up Amazon affiliate ads for weight training. Now, initially, this niche might not look like it could be attached to a government or educational website, but by looking a little harder into it – you can find a lot of resources that are actually very relevant. Let’s see what Google says:

Search: site:*.gov pull up bar

This search clearly shows there are government websites linking to great information on pull up bars, of all things. If your niche website linked to pull up bars, then you could quite easily put these great links in, and then to give the page extra power, put out a quick press release, linking to your resource page. It would also help if you stored some of the PDF format information on your server, and served it right there from your site.

Google loves authority websites, and even if you don’t think your niche is capable – the chances are, you are more than able to link to educational or government information, and can find out quickly by searching Google.

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