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Help Us Support the Troops Today!

opgratYes, I’m guilty. I have not written a blog post in a long time as we have been furiously working on the next version of Backlink Booster. Unfortunately, this has absorbed pretty much all of my time recently.

However, I just got an e-mail from our friends over at Operation Gratitude and as you know we are big supporters of this charity that sends much needed care packages to our brave men and women in uniform.

We even had a product called Operation Cash Tornado which donated 50% of the profits to this excellent charity that supports our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Well here’s the thing, Pepsi is running a competition and is donating cash prizes to worthy “Great Ideas.” Operation Gratitude is taking part in this competition and trying to secure funding to get more care packages over to our troops. Only the top 10 ideas voted on get this cash prize and currently Operation Gratitude is number five!

However, they have an anonymous donor called Secret Admirer who is willing to top the cash prize if they secure the fourth place or better (which also gives them an extra bonus from Pepsi).

So, here’s what I need you to do! Follow these instructions below and go and vote for Operation Gratitude so they can secure at least the fourth-place position.

I know a great many of you support our troops and the efforts of Operation Gratitude. So, if you can take just five minutes out of your day and vote for Operation Gratitude you’ll have MY eternal gratitude. There are just two days left of this competition and you can vote each and every day until midnight on March 31st. So stop what you’re doing, put down the coffee, pick up your mouse and follow these instructions and help our troops get more care packages.

Go to the Pepsi Refresh site at:


  • Click sign-in on the lower left corner of the page
  • A sign-in window will pop up; enter your sign-in email and password.
  • The Operation Gratitude page will re-load.
  • If the Operation Gratitude page does not appear upon sign-in, then click on the $50,000 category and scroll down until you find Operation Gratitude.
  • On the Operation Gratitude page, click on: Vote for this idea under the $50,000 number.
  • After your vote is recorded you will receive a friendly message – “Atta Boy”, “Good Job”, “Thank You”, “Bueno” etc. where the Vote link had been.
  • If you use Facebook or Twitter, click on those icons next to the arrow to post your vote to your page.
  • At the bottom of the page, there is a counter that starts at “10” and rolls back with every vote on the same day by the same email. If the counter does not roll from 10 to 9, your vote was NOT counted–please try again!
  • Sign out in the lower left-hand corner.  If you have additional email addresses, begin the Sign In process again and vote until you have voted all of your email addresses if you like.

Thank you in advance for doing this and remember, do it every day until the 31st!

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