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Hello, Can I Have a Backlink, Please?

In the main blog, I discussed using the site http://www.nsspy.org/ for backlink site harvesting, and would just like to my_name_isshow you how you can use article marketing to really explode your search engine coverage, using that very same site. Articles, of course, are huge in internet marketing now, and are almost in the staple diet of the SEO company. Articles have been mentioned in countless guides and ebooks as being the ultimate in free (bum) marketing.

Once you have set those articles going, they continue to get a residual traffic stream for you thanks to the power they gain from the article directory’s PageRank and TrustRank on Google. Well, whilst this is tue, its not the only way to get your articles out there in the world of Google.

Using the method I show you in the main blog, which is titled “Spy and Link, Rinse and Repeat!”, you will find lots of domains that have been registered recently that contain your keyword. What you need to do is check that their site is a WordPress or similar “blog”, then contact each one of these owners and ask if they would like some free content. What are they gonna say?

The content you will use will be an article that you have had written by an article writer, which includes lots of great pin syntax. This enables you to create hundreds of articles from one original article. Simply contact each owner, and when they agree to the free content (that must include a backlink to your site!), you just need to send over a spun article from the original one. For a good spun article you are looking at about $12 for 400 words. So, you can get maybe 150 articles out of ONE article. That means you are effectively paying just a few cents per article AND you are getting awesome backlinks into the bargain.

Some people do not consider new sites good backlink sources – I say, any backlink is a good backlink. What if these sites are ranking page one in a month’s time? What if they are run by professional blog farmers? Get the backlinks – and reap the rewards later!

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