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Guaranteed Page One for Main Niche Keywords?

main_nicheSince the dawn of bum marketing, people have been far too engrossed in the free side of internet marketing, such as forum links and blog comments, and they are missing the bigger picture.

This is a shame. If you were to go outside now and pay somebody $50 to print and put up a load of flyers for your garage sale, you know you would have hundreds of people on your lawn – and they would be coming with their wallets ready.

Of course, you could actually do the flyers yourself for $5.00 – but you still take the easy route.

When you are researching your market, you should take the most time available to you, and really look in dpth at how your customers initially search the market, and not just what they buy. Where do they begin their journey? How do you tap into that starting point? It is the start of the sales funnel – so you should tap into it. We’re not talking SEO here, and we are not talking about the sub-niche keywords you use to get up to the top of Google. We are talking way before that.

You see, we all forget that right at the beginning of a person’s search, they type in the main keyphrase for the niche. If it’s “memory foam pillows” that you are selling via Amazon links or Adsense on your site, then you need to look at the main niche keyword: “pillows”. Right at the start, the person searches that keyword. And you are nowhere near it, because you are trying to rank for a lower competition keyword (rightly so) and have no chance of competing with www.wesellpillows.com or whoever ranks number one.

So how do you tap into the main niche? You advertise of course. Let’s take the pillows example for instance. When you type in pillows into Google, you will see Shopping results. These are not paid listings. These are free. Google Base allows you to upload a text file with information about products you ‘sell’ and then they are listed in the shopping results. So, even if you have an affiliate site for Amazon affiliation, you can still use Google Base and display the cheapest possible pillows on Amazon, which link to your site.

From there, you can do what you want with the visitor – and quite frankly, they won’t mind. Your site is relevant and will have relevant links, which they will of course click…

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