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Guaranteed SEO: Can You Get Guaranteed Results?

Guaranteed SEO, like almost any “guarantee,” has no actual guaranteesGuaranteed SEO. In fact, the only way to ensure you don’t get hit by Google is by not making a website at all. Naturally, this is a pretty unsound way to do business, especially in the internet marketing world, so that’s obviously not an option. But what IS an option is learning how to Google-proof your websites to the point where guaranteed SEO is a little more, well, guaranteed.

Anymore, the way to insure that you get some Google attention is by trying harder to keep your site fast and mobile-friendly rather than making your content keyword-friendly.

What it Takes to Make Guaranteed SEO

So there’s no magic formula like there used to be for getting guaranteed SEO. 10 years ago you could write a page filled with your keyword phrases and trick Google into favoring your site, but things have progressed so much from those days that it’s no longer nearly so easy to get Google to bring your site to the top of the ranks.

That’s why you have to go one step ahead by actually stepping back and not doing much of ANYTHING to your content to please Google. In fact, what makes Google happier is if you try to forget  about them altogether and think only of how well your customers will enjoy and benefit from your content. Google is all about visitor experience, and when they see your keyword research and usage as interrupting from that experience, they will swiftly drop your site in search results.

Guaranteed SEO in Practice

Guaranteed SEO is isn’t as hard as it might sound. If you want to look at it from a somewhat platitude point of view, just write from your heart. No, really. Write from your heart. Act as though you truly care what your visitors take away from your content, because you should. Cast away the feelings of constantly counting how many instances your keyword shows up in an article or whether you included the perfect sized photo in your blog post. Who cares if it’s a little too big or too small? If your visitors like it, that’s all that matters.

Additionally, spend more time making your site more user-friendly. Check out the plugins for WordPress that you might need to speed it up. Make your site mobile friendly, because if you don’t, you’ll be missing out on an estimated 50% of business – at least – depending on what kind of market your site caters to.

So again, in case you haven’t gotten the gist of it already, the only way to get guaranteed SEO is to pretend you’re not doing SEO at all. Leave the SEO stuff for your back-end – the site design, the speed, getting things right on your server, etc. Then on the front end, your content, make it all user-friendly as possible. Your visitors will thank you, and so will Google. That’s truly the best way to get guaranteed SEO these days.

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