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Google TV Ads – An Overview of Adwords Evolution

google_tv_adsIf you were planning on doing a solo ad to a few hundred people, and maybe doing some PPC (pay per click) ads this week, then this article may just get some other juices flowing, and have you creating a TV advertisement.

Internet marketers often forget that the internet is not the only thing humans are addicted to.

Sure, the internet is big… but before the internet, we had TV, and it’s still going strong if you have noticed.

You would be forgiven for thinking national cable television advertising is expensive. You see Coca Cola and Pepsi dueling it out with their seven figure agencies almost daily, so why would you want to get into that mess? Except – you are not selling a tasty beverage; you are selling internet marketing products or services. If you switch on a cable channel at 10pm, and watch the advertisements, you will see that they are quite an eclectic mix. Some of those advertisements are actually targeted, and it would be no shocker if the ads that are demographically targeted, and perfect for the audience, were Google TV Ads.

Google TV Ads are created using keywords, but unlike Adwords, the keywords are used to find slots in the program schedule, and around the same time as a particular program that is right for your audience. Just like any real world advertising medium, you can target by age, income, and other very centric details that are required to get sales from a product.

Naturally, to benefit from Google TV Ads, you need to have a budget for the production, along with a budget for the actual advertsising. But you need to be in it to win it, and having a good sized budget to launch a product to a very specific target, can yield a lot more than you would expect. And Google itself boasts how you can run an ad for as little as $20.00. As with all of the people reading this, my eyes lit up and I wanted to know more. In the Ad Creation Marketplace you can actually pick and choose what your video should be like, and tailor your budget needs. I heard a rumor that bloggers are now using Google TV Ads to generate traffic to their Clickbank laden blogs, and retaining a healthy percentage of those visitors by building a list. Considering how you can pay for impressions on a budget similar to Adwords – it really does warrant more investigation.

If you haven’t thought about TV advertising until now, I’m sure you will be up all night imagining the possibilities.

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