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Google Search Optimization: Playing Up to Google

Google search optimization seems to be more of what today’s Google search optimizationSEO is all about rather than search optimization to please the rest of the search engines. After all, you don’t hear internet marketers talking about making Yahoo, MSN, Ask, Bing or Dogpile happy, do you? Nope. It’s all about Google, or so it seems.

Google search optimization is tough to accomplish, especially when their rules aren’t crystal clear and it seems their algorithms are ever-changing. But as hard as it might seem, it is possible to make Google happy – while maintaining your sanity.

Google Search Optimization: Backlinking

Whenever you hear about Google search optimization, you probably hear the word “backlinking” quite a bit. And while backlinking is pretty serious business when it comes to search engine rankings, it takes an art to getting it done right.

Here’s the thing: you can’t just have any backlinks and expect to get a higher search engine ranking. If you have 1,000 .info backlinks to your site, Google might think your site is spammy and will penalize it. However, if you have ten backlinks from .gov and .edu sites, Google will more than likely spur your site to the top of the search results.

Sometimes you can have too many backlinks. Building a bunch of random backlinks from sites with no relevance will look like downright spam to Google, in which case you’ll drop in your search rankings. But if you have just a few backlinks from quality sites – those that have been around for a while, are relevant to your site’s niche and already have their own “happy Google juice” – then you’ll have a better chance of rising in the search results.

Google Search Optimization: Helping Google Find Your Site

Google search optimization won’t do you much good if your site doesn’t at least have the basics in order. Things like Meta data, Meta descriptions for each page, Meta keywords and more all help get your site found. Additionally, if you’re a local business, having a listing in Google Maps (and therefore Google Places) certainly helps. Just make sure that you personally go in and submit your contact info and location identically in every site you sign up for in order to stay uniform across the web. True, other users can go in and change the details of your business, but it will still help to maintain consistency.

It’s the little things we overlook that make Google search optimization that much harder. Even doing due diligence in keyword research won’t make up for not having the mandatory pages on your site or getting your Meta data in order. That’s why it’s important to make sure you get as much in order as possible before you hit the “publish” button on your WordPress blog or Dreamweaver site. The more you have in place before submitting your website to the web, the less Google search optimization you’ll have to do after the fact, as it’s a lot easier to do prior to publishing than afterward.

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