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Google PPC: Managing a Google AdWords Campaign

Google PPC marketing is some of the most effective on the Web. Google PPCGoogle enjoys more search traffic than Yahoo and MSN, which gives you the opportunity to get your ads in front of more people for the money you spend. However, Google PPC can get quite expensive, especially with keywords that you might choose for a particular affiliate program that many other marketers are also promoting.

You will enjoy less independence when writing ads and choosing targeted keywords with Google PPC marketing than on other networks. Google PPC tries to be very user-oriented, and as a result sets stricter guidelines about which niches are even allowed on their network in order to cut down on scams and spammy products.

Pleasing Google PPC Monitors

Oftentimes an individual Google employee will check out a campaign once it is uploaded and during its active cycle. In other cases, Google software goes through and flags campaigns that may not adhere to Google’s guidelines. Trying to anticipate what is and is not allowed in a Google PPC campaign when it comes to the niche you want to market can be a strenuous ordeal, and some marketers even get their campaigns or entire accounts shut down in the process.

If this is your first time building a Google PPC campaign, you might consider contacting a Google AdWords representative. They will take your criteria, find keywords, build your campaign and activate it for you – all for free – and the only thing you have to do is put up the money for the actual campaign spending. Then you can ask them for advice while monitoring its results, and they will give you answers coming “straight from the horse’s mouth,” as it were.

Google PPC Precautions

You’ll trip a flag in a Google PPC campaign if you try to market certain niches on their networks. Google rejects organic search content on some niches like acai berry, getting rid of acne in three days or less and other highly sought after affiliate programs from commission networks like Clickbank. So you want to be careful when choosing your niche on Google if you don’t want to get your account canned. Again, if in doubt, contact an AdWords representative for a clear answer. They seem to be more responsive than other branches of Google in some respects, as you can actually call them on the phone, not just send an email through a contact form.

Also, be sure to bid low to start with. Google PPC campaigns always take a few cents more per day than your overall budget, so keep an eye out for pausing and restarting your campaigns. If you feel as though you’re spending too much and receiving too little, you may need to put the reins on the campaign.

If you don’t feel comfortable starting with Google PPC campaigns right out the gate, you can always try a network like Facebook, Yahoo or MSN first. Get your feet wet, then come back to a Google PPC campaign when you have more experience – and perhaps a bigger budget.

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