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Google Instant – Game Changer

Jgoogle_logoust like you, I am all for speeding up research. Whether you’re searching for your latest keywords or if you are researching a brand new niche, you need to save time where possible.

Google recently launched Google Instant, and is now rolling it out across its servers in the UK, USA, Europe and other countries, revolutionizing the way we search forever. In essence, instead of suggestions for your search term, Google now displays these suggestions as you type. For example, if you were looking for “golf tips”, the next suggestion by Google would be “golf tips for beginners”.

As soon as you type in “golf” Google Instant will have already displayed its suggestions below, and then when you type in “golf t…” Google instant will be displaying the results for “golf tips”. It basically watches each letter you are typing, and adjusts the results live in front of your eyes.

This saves time indeed, if you are surfing the internet looking for golf tips, but how can it help the marketer? In reality, it may not help us whatsoever. The game of SEO now changes. People may not be searching for long tail keywords for example. They are probably going to search only what Google suggests. So will the internet marketer now only optimize sites for what Google suggests?

Let’s run some examples. You have found a great keyword in the travel niche. You do your keyword research as normal. You find a low competition keyword, which is “travel deals mid November” for example.

This is a specific search term that is regarding a month in particular. Will Google Instant affect the actual number of searches for this? Probably not. It is a very precise search term. However, let us assume you pick a keyword like “travel deals Taiwan”. Once you start typing “Tai…”, Instant may suggest “travel deals and holidays in Taiwan”. This certainly affects your SEO, because hundreds of other sites will be targeting that long tail keyword.

The game has now changed, that much is clear, though right now nobody can predict how much. If you are planning an SEO campaign, the chances are you will have to jump through more hoops manually on Google Instant, just so you do not forget about those searchers. The results currently work for those signed into Google, and the number of people who have an account is astronomical. To forget this market would be SEO suicide.

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