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Good Website Content Drives Good Traffic

Good website content is what drives good traffic these days. Good website contentAll the fanciest backlinking efforts you can perform via social media, bookmarking sites, article sites and forum posting don’t substitute for good content. And if Google has their way, it never will. To a certain extent, that’s a good thing, as it puts things on an even keel for legitimate website authors.

But how do you define what good website content is? Perhaps a better question would be, how do the search engines define good content? If you’re trying to please both your visitors and the search engines, this guide is a great place to start.

Good Website Content: Multimedia

When we talk about good website content, we don’t only mean text content. We want to include anything and everything that might pique a user’s interest. So if you’re not into blogging long posts all day long, don’t fear; there are alternatives to generic media that prove just as successful.

Think videos and vlogging. People love to watch daily or weekly video updates of the gurus they follow, so why not become one yourself? By vlogging instead of blogging, you can use Google-friendly content embedded from YouTube to take the place of written content that takes you forever to write.

Visitors also love to look at pictures. Take the ever-popular cat LOL’s and Walmart fashion faux pas photos as examples. This information is easily digested and goes viral quickly. And you don’t even have to be a master photographer to pull it off. Just take photos of whatever you’re doing that even remotely relates to your blog, and post them for all to see and comment upon.

Good Website Content: User Generated Content

Good website content can also be accumulated using visitor reviews and product testimonials from your customers, if that’s the type of site you run. If you sell something online, ask for testimonials and post them on your website. Keep updating the testimonials from time to time to keep your static pages fresh.  Never rewrite or write your own testimonials – always be sure to get them from real customers who have used the product. Today’s website visitor is savvy enough to know when the testimonial is true and when it’s not. Sometimes, they’ll be skeptical of any testimonial, but fake ones are often easy to point out.

If you want good website content, you might have to hire someone else to write it or create it for you. If you don’t have the time, the willpower or the creativity to pull it off, enlist a professional. But take precautions, like putting their articles through a plagiarism checker, to be sure they’re not screwing you out of good website content. There’s nothing worse than paying through the nose for rehashed content that will only hurt your site.

With these things in mind, start thinking about how you can put quality work on your site or blog. Remember, good website content begins with helpful content in general, not just words pulled out of thin air.

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