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Going Mobile With Your Business?

cell_phone_mediaIt is strange to think that the mobile industry is almost five times as large as the internet, but its a fact. Everyone lives on their phone.

They use it for the internet, but primarily, they used phones way before the web even sat on a PC. If you have been wondering how your business can get involved in mobile marketing, then you are ahead of the majority of your competition.

Mobile marketing now is seen as the latest and greates craze, and yet there have been savvy marketers seriously earning a fortune, secretly, without hardly any outlay. Its no wonder it is frustrating, though.

Seriously – if I gave you $10,000 to advertise on mobile platforms – would you even know where to start?

There are companies that are purporting to be media buying on mobile platforms, but is it not fair to assume that you would have no clue about what they are doing with your money, or even how it could benefit you and your business.

Initially, you need to plan out exactly why somebody would be trying to find your business, or your niche, on their mobile phone. Remember, mobile platforms spread across iPads, iPods, iPhones, Androids and more now, so you are not limited to a tiny little screen. Its quite possible to have a very nice display ad that is covering most features of your business, just as you would on a normal website.

Once you have worked out exactly WHY they would want to hit your site on their cell phone, you need to know WHO to target. Mostly this is the same market as you attack on the internet, traditionally. Once you know why and who, you can start thinking about changing your online presence so it fits on a mobile device better, and then – and only then – should you think about outlay for advertising. You can take the plunge with Google PPC ads, which will display only on mobile media if you decide. The settings can be found in Adwords, quite easily. After taking the plunge with a small PPC campaign, using the same sort of methods you’d use on the web, if your campaign does not yield anything – then don’t give up. But DO NOT pay a company to launch another campaign for you. Just go right back to the drawing board, and figure out who your customers are, and why. Now go to a few mobile media buying companies, ask them to appraise your business, and then ask then why and who. If they match your outcome, then you could be able to work together.

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