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Getting Your Name Out There

If you are looking for advertising space, then there are probably 50,000 ad spots you just passed before arriving here at advertise_heremy blog.

The truth is, it can be hard to decide what type of ad you want out there, and it can be just as hard to find a blog or website that fits with your niche & market.

One of the easiest ways to advertise using banners or contextual links is through Adwords, though most people will tell you this takes a lot of painstaking practice and patience to get the balance between budget and ROI. If you are looking at a very quick self service method of advertising, and using media buying to start with, then there are a couple of options.

The main two that spring to mind are a paid reviews, and straightforward banner space buying. These are pretty easy to get into, and will not break the bank. A well placed banner on a related site can see your readership and retention rate skyrocket. Paid reviews are engaging, therefore they result in an interested party clicking through to your website.

A website you may not have heard of is Advertising Space. This is a self serve advertising site where you can browse for sites in your niche, and pay a set price for the advertising space you use. Simple and effective, the site rivals companies like Ad Brite and more.

To get your paid reviews out there on related blogs, you can use BlogsVertise, which will pair you up with related bloggers, and they will post actual content on their sites which will engage their readership, who will in turn click through to your site if they are interested. A review speaks about YOU and YOUR blog, and being third person, it is easy for a reader to feel like they are getting a glimpse of who you are before they click through. You can consider this as preselling – which, as we all know, is an awesome way to strike up a visual conversation with a prospective customer.

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