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Getting Things Done on the Cheap Side!

piggy_bankJust because you don’t have the money to get the most expensive tools and toys of the professional internet marketers, don’t worry about it.

You can usually find everything you need on your hard drive, or in a free (or cheap) trial.

One of the best things about the information superhighway, is that everyone likes a bargain, and the internet is more than happy to keep you up to date with the best ones out there.

All you need to do is search. Almost everything can be got on a trial basis, such as the super expensive IMEye service, which is $197 per month. Now if you want keywords, and you want a premium service like this – you have to pay for it. Only, you don’t have to pay THAT much. They offer a 3 day trial, at $4.95 which can be found easily by searching Google for “imeye trial”. 3 days is more than enough time to get to know the program, and extract as many keywords as possible. The keywords you get may even end up paying for the actual service!

You can find most things if you look hard enough. Another example is article spinning programs. A spinner is an awesome tool for those who have lots of articles to write. But why do you need a spinner (which provides you with synonyms for your article) if you already have Open Office and Microsoft Word – because their Thesaurus function is very handy for finding other words.

When you sit back and think about it – there’s free or cheap ways to do a lot of things. You don’t always have to pay top dollar for products… but once you start making some good money with internet marketing, you might want to invest in a few high end tools.

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