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Getting Pictorial with Your Posts

People like pictures – end of story. Even more than just pictures, they love kitty pictures, doggy pictures, clothing pictures, travel pictures; pictures on Pinterest, pictures on Facebook, pictures on InstaGram, and pictures on Twitter. That’s not the half of it. People also love moving pictures.

A.K.A.: video. In other words, they love to watch things on the internet. Who doesn’t? After all, when was the last time that you clicked on a news post that didn’t include a picture or video of some sort? It’s probably been a while, hasn’t it? That’s because almost everyone has pretty much gotten it figured out that they need some type of imagery to attract attention online these days.

But where are you supposed to be getting all of these awesome pictures and videos? Well, that’s what I intend to help you with in this guide. Here is my short list of ways to get picture-y (and video-y) with your blog posts and social media.

Ideas for Getting Creating with Your Pictures and Videos

Let’s start with ways you can go all DIY on your photos. I’m a big proponent of taking your own pictures of products, if you have them. If you don’t, then take the official product image off of a company’s website (if not prohibited) and give credit where credit is due in the caption.

Let’s say you’re not talking about a product. Let’s say you need more of an abstract photo, something that conveys the idea of what you’re talking about in a post without actually advertising for any specific company or product. That’s where free or paid stock photo sites come in. For mere pennies, you can buy images that you can use in posts or on social media (depending on the photographer rights attached with the image) and have a very inexpensive way to attract attention to your posts. What could be easier, right?

Now let’s move onto videos. Videos are painfully easy to create, fairly easy to upload, and are getting more and more respect all the time. High-definition cameras are getting easier to afford by the week, so you should have no shortage of camera options to choose from when filming a high-quality video. Heck, you can usually use the camera on your phone these days, too!

I would highly recommend putting a logo or watermark on your videos if this is the route you intend to take with your imagery. That way, if someone downloads or embeds it, you always get the credit for it.

If you don’t want to use your own videos, head to YouTube and review some of the best ones in your niche that they have to offer. Embed those instead, and you still have social media friendly content to attract customers. It’s not always as effective as the make-your-own kind, but it’s better than no graphics at all if those are the options you’re faced with. All in all, you can usually find SOMETHING to post in your article, even if it’s not earthshattering or 100% make-your-own.


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