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Getting Pages Indexed Fast

I always thought it was very cool how super bloggers could get their sites indexed so quickly using pinging and blog_indexingbookmarking. Whilst this is still possible, there are other ways to get your site noticed by Google, and also ranked as well as indexed. Its very important that when you write a trending topic, that you appear on the search engine results as soon as possible, before your competitors beat you to it and steal all the hot traffic.

Your window of opportunity can often be very slim, so you have to get there in the quickest possible time-frame.

A few cool ways to get your sites and pages indexed fast are listed below:

1.       Use Google Analytics. Whilst this may seem academic, Google always favors their own clients, regardless of what is said in the media

2.       Ensure your link appears on Facebook, and get your friends to share the link too if possible

3.       Get your links on Twitter. Even if you use a link shortener, Google will see through the link just fine

4.       Use a few domain and site appraisal sites to search fro your website and get a price. These automatically rate your site and leave your URL backlinked on their website

5.       Use YouTube just to link to your site. Use the free tool OneTrueMedia we spoke about yesterday, and get a quick slideshow/video up linking to your website

Just using one or two of the above methods will enable Google to see your link getting exposure, and consider it worth a crawl. Of course you should also ensure your RPC list is completed on your blog if you are using WordPress, and also Ping your site as a matter of course. These are the very basics, and you will naturally do these automatically or manually already.

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