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Getting Creative with Backlinks

A clever little trick was passed on to me recently regarding backlinks to your website, or to drum up interest about a site.get-creative-with-backlinks

The technique mainly relies on the fact that you are on a lot of email marketer’s lists. To get on the right kind of list, however, you should look for marketers who have blogs that are regularly updated. The next step is to subscribe to their newsletter. Ok, so sometimes your inbox is going to be full of stuff you cannot or would not buy, but it is worth it! Here’s why:

Once you are on these lists, which may run into thousands and thousands of names, you can then get updated when they launch a particularly important or helpful post. The post will no doubt get loads of visitors and readers in a short space of time, and then rank organically thanks to the big traffic surge, and normal backlinks these posts get. What you need to do, is get in there as quickly as possible, and post a reply on the post whilst it’s still warming up.

If there are a few comments already, that’s fine. You don’t need to be the first. You can choose to put a link to your blog OR you can merely mention that you have written a response on your own blog (put the name of your site, but not a URL).

This method was taken to the next level by the instigator. They soon saw the potential on Facebook groups for example, and Facebook pages. When a celebrity, top marketer, big brand name or anything else with millions of followers posts a status update – get in as soon as possible, and link to some great related content. The amount of traffic this delivers is crazy. You just have to get a little creative!

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