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Get to Know Your Consumers

Internet marketing comes in many forms. For example, when you write an article, post an advertisement, tweet something, or post on Facebook regarding your brand, you are performing Internet marketing. For Internet marketing to be effective, you need to know a thing or two about the consumer.

Understanding your consumer imperative because if you don’t know your consumer, then your marketing efforts are going to be unsuccessful. To maximize your marketing, below is an overview of the top things that you need to know about your consumer for your marketing to be effective.

While you certainly don’t need to exhaust this list, applying a few of these recommendations when you develop marketing campaigns can better prepare your product for the market.

Understanding the US Shopper

If you are targeting the American market, then what you need to realize about your consumer is that your consumer is constantly looking for outlets to relieve stress. American’s are highly receptive to products that remove them from their work related obligations or that make thing feel better outside of work.

Therefore, when you start a marketing campaign, it is best to market your product in a manner that shows that your product is going to ease any burdensome feelings that your consumer is feeling; this means using terms like “relaxing,” vacation,” “escape,” and “getaway.”

Depending on what kind of product you are marketing, there are always ways to creatively integrate these words into your advertisements. You just need to figure out what the best approach is.

“It’s Easy”

One of the most annoying and dissuading elements about a product on the market is when the product is difficult and stressful to use. Most consumers are looking for products that make their life easier either in the workplace, at home, or while running errands. Therefore, you need to determine what kind of “ease” your consumer is looking for and how to best achieve it.

Research what types of technology consumers are using that make their life easier, which easy products are the most successful, and what exactly is “easy” about using those products that Americans like so much. One great example of this is Staples commercial, “that was easy.”

In order to develop that marketing campaign, Staples needed to perform consumer marketing that determined that Americans want “easy” to be the equivalent of “pressing a button.”

What People Are Interest In

Another thing you need to know about your consumer is what your consumer is interested in. To determine consumer interests, your market research into consumerism needs to review what types of hobbies Americans are taking on, what is attractive about those hobbies, why those hobbies are popular, and if there any underlying trends in terms of those hobbies.

If your research is showing that most Americans are developing hobbies centered around nature and exercise, then you need to find which activities are the most popular and to make sure that you can advertise your brand into that niche. For instance, if you are selling a drink, your brand advertising needs to revolve around how your product promotes health, makes the outdoors  a better experience, and can enhance energy throughout the day.

Know When Too Much is Too Much

In every aspect of the market, there are limits. When you advertise your product, one of the biggest mistakes that you can make is to over-advertise or to under-advertise. Therefore, you need to figure out what the proper boundaries that make your consumers pleased with your marketing efforts.

To determine what the limits are, it is best to look at old marketing campaigns and to see how they have performed based on the amount of advertising that they have injected into the market.

While conventional wisdom will tell you that you don’t want to under-advertise, you will also find that you don’t want to over-advertise in a way that invades the consumer’s personal space. Invading the consumer’s personal space can easily cause trouble for your brand and decrease the amount of sales and fans.

More than Just Numbers

The advent of more sophisticated market research has caused a shift. While companies have been better equipped to gather more data, the human element is one of the biggest factors that was missing. Rather than viewing your consumer as a number or a segment of the market, another smart approach would be to view your consumer as a person.

Viewing the consumer as a person with interests, needs, desires, and values, you can more successfully pinpoint who is going to purchase your product and who won’t. To conduct this type of research that is going to give you better information about specific consumers, the best approach is to issue surveys and questionnaires.

There are also some marketing research firms that incorporate the human element into their research efforts. By using one of these firms, your job may be easier.

Consumers Want Transparency

In recent years, the consumer has become much more skeptical about the information that they are seeing on television and in online resources. This skepticism has translated into bad news for brands, especially if those brands aren’t transparent and consumer-friendly.

Realizing this element about your consumer, you already have a better ability to approach your marketing campaign. When you develop a brand strategy, you want to make sure that your brand is transparent, it isn’t hidden behind the walls of a big business, and that it truly does want to please customers and provide quality to the consumer.

Revealing these types of elements about your brand in such an open manner, consumers will be more trusting about what you have to offer them.

Openness On Social Media

This should be a given, but Americans also want to be heard on social media. Social media is not an outlet that was created for your brand to only advertise and get in touch with your consumer, it was developed for people to share information, voice their views, and to be heard.

Taking this into consideration, your social media presence should be more than just a place where you post information about your product. It should be space where you are able to engage with your consumer, where you can provide customer service, and where you can answer questions and hear what people really have to say about what you are selling.

This type of approach to social media is one very easy way to turn just a mediocre product into an excellent one. People will realize your positive presence on social media and will share their positive experience with other people, thus promoting your brand and brining in sales.

Consumers Can Be Persuaded

If Americans went to the mall or store knowing what they want, you most likely wouldn’t see online articles about how to “shop smart” and “save time while shopping” since Americans would already be making those lists before they shop.

When Americans shop, they can be greatly persuaded to purchase a certain product since they don’t already have a strong mindset to only buy what they want.

This ability to influence consumers is your greatest tool. Since you  can influence consumer to buy your product, you need to develop a marketing strategy that appeals to those indecisive shoppers. In addition, you also need to place your product in a location within the store that is going to get the most views and attention.

Research has shown that those products that are first seen in a store are the ones that people are most likely to buy, even when they have a list.


Consumers like to feel valued and important, which means that you can use this to your advantage. By realizing that consumers like to feel valued and important, you can market your product in a manner that asks your consumer what they think about your product.

For example, a marketing campaign on a social media website can provide consumers incentives to try your product and to write you an opinion. Doing so allows them to get a free sample. In addition, you could also ask your consumer to rate your product after they buy it for an added bonus in the future when using your product.

This types of approaches allow your consumer to have some footing when it comes to your product and it also allows them to feel important in the future of the product. Consumers this feel this way are more likely to stick with a brand and to recommend it to their friends and family.


Product marketing is a big job, but it can be done very well if you recognize the market and you know the key elements about your consumer.

By familiarizing yourself with the above characteristics about your consumer, you’ll e able to better market your product to a certain audience and you’ll also be better prepared to launch a product that is going to meet their needs, interests, an desires.

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