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Get Published on CNN, NY Times?

news_reportsObviously this is one of those ‘too good to be true’ moments, but seriously – you can get exposure in the world’s top media, and it is completely free to boot.

We all know the sheer power of Press releases, and how they can be syndicated across thousands of websites overnight if you have a very popular niche, and we know that the power of articles is not to be sniffed at for their SEO properties, and traffic harnessing power. The only problem is, you are competing daily against all of your competitors – which may run into the thousands.

Every time you upload an article or a press release, you are going up against these competitors and their websites, trying your best to get a slice of the action from Google traffic.

What is needed, is a very quick and easy way to actually put your website and name in front of millions of people, and do so with an authority site like the NY Times for example. Once you have done this, the syndication will go down through many high authority levels – such as .edu and .gov sites. This sounds amazing – but is true. Just do a quick search on some text from a NY Times article, and see how many high PR and high authority websites come up in those results.

There are two ways you can do this. You firstly need a contact in the PR business, who can contact the newspapers and journalists who are struggling to find content. This happens more often than you think. Column space can often be a hard thing to fill if a big story gets pulled at the last minute. Freelance professional article writers and journalists don’t always have a load of current articles just gathering dust on their PC’s. So, the best thing to do is find a contact who can get you out to these journalists. Simpler than you think… These are just some of the resources to get your begging email in front of professional journalists:



Another tremendous new website which has popped up and answered millions of prayers is http://helpareporter.com/, which is packed full of journalists who are actually looking for stories and interesting web features. If you have a notable story, or feature (about your websites) they will happily use it. They may even be happier if you have already written the press release.

All these resources are fantastic for marketing. Even one single syndication could lead to millions of visitors.

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