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Get Blog Followers: Gaining a Loyal Following

Get blog followers! That’s what you hear all the experts telling you these days. Get blog followersAnd they’re right – once you procure a decent-sized blog following, your chances of making recurring income go up dramatically. So does your blog’s ranking with the search engines.

But it’s not necessarily an easy or quick task to get blog followers. Think about how many blogs in your niche – let alone how many blogs there are in general – and you can take a pretty good guess at how much competition you have to contend with. But it’s not all about “standing out” from the rest or making an exceptional blog. You need connections.

Get Involved to Get Blog Followers

You probably won’t get blog followers unless you actively seek them out. Simply publishing blog posts daily and doing your homework on keywords and SEO isn’t enough. You’ll get a few that way, of course, but they might not turn into return readers, and you will definitely stunt your readership growth if you stop at organic search.

Remember above where I said you needed connections? You’re probably wondering how to get these, especially if you’re new. Using social networks, you can more quickly follow others and encourage them to follow you back until you gain enough of a gathering that you no longer need to follow others in order to get them to read your updates.

Reciprocate to Get Blog Followers

You can use Facebook fan pages as well as a Facebook profile to get blog followers if you want to go the Facebook route. Twitter is almost just as good of an avenue – if not better – for the blogosphere, as many fellow bloggers might be in the mood to click on a link more so than on Facebook.

When you identify other bloggers, try to connect with them through direct messages or “@” replies. Retweet their posts with links to their blogs to gain favor with them, but don’t do it so often you look like a suck-up. Your behavior should be genuine, as a lot of people will be on the lookout for fakes.

Be sure to post updates daily on your Twitter feed and Facebook profile. Include links to your blog some of the time, but not every time, otherwise you’ll get called out for being overly promotional. Switch out your own links with the links of others sometimes. Tell them you’ve done so, and you’ll probably get a follow back (if they’re not too big of a profile to where they won’t follow others back) or at the very least, they’ll retweet your post so you get more exposure.

If you want to get blog followers, you have to write quality posts that are somewhat relevant to your following. If you’ve done your homework, chances are you’ve already attracted others who are interested in the niche you write about. But if you want to make sales or ad commissions from your site, you need to prominently place them around your posts, or you probably won’t make any sales.These tips will all help you get blog followers more quickly.

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