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Funnel Jumping and Carrot Dangling


In the main blog I wrote an article for my readers about article marketing suing a different strategy. The part I’d like to highlight here in this post is the art of funnel jumping, and taking advantage of a market or niche half way down the sales funnel. You can literally jump way ahead of the queue for those buyers, and get some of the sales for yourself. Funneling clients to your site can be hard work, and they only need to slip out of your funnel once, and they will not return – because they are in another funnel.

To jump a few stages into a funnel, you need to know your market. I will illustrate this with a site that uses AdSense to monetize, and is targeting the niche market “acne facial wash”. This market is very buoyant all year through, and also is on the rise. AdSense is great for acne products, so the site would see some good revenue from clicks. But how to get those clicks?

Firstly, trying to hit the acne market with traditional marketing would normally be suicide. For example, if you wanted to put an article on ezinearticles.com and expect some traffic, then think again. You would be up against stiff competition. So, we have to think a little further down the line to where the funnel might also be searching.

We turn to social marketing, and press releases. The first thing to do is look for companies in your niche, lets say “Acme Acne Co.” Has issued a news bulletin that they are bringing out their new formula in the next six months. This sort of news you could find out on social sites like Facebook, or Twitter even. Companies love press. They are always happy to hit the bandwagon for publicity.

So, your next step would be to check the competition levels for keywords surrounding the news. You can bet that this is not as high as the actual search term for the product. Next, you need to think about who would be looking for this type of news? Well, if a person saw a little press release in their newspaper, then they would investigate further online. This is where you come in, competing easily, and funneling them to your site. They are not searching for “acne facial wash,” they are looking further down the funnel at one of the leading products, and what it can do for them. Try this with other niches… how far down the funnel can you jump, and how better a carrot can you dangle for search engine traffic?

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