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From Trend to Traffic

trendingApparently, there’s been a lot written about trending for traffic, and I thought I’d share this little tidbit of information, just in case anyone has missed it.

There are fewer things that get you ranked faster on page one than press releases – and document storage sites.

Websites like Scribd.com and Authorstream enable you to get ranked within just a few minutes, and although short-lived, can generate traffic if you are on a hot topic.

Let’s take an example, head over to http://www.google.com/trends

Currently, the keyword “fisher price recall” is trending. Whilst on Trends, if we enter that keyphrase into the search bar at the top of the page, we can see trending statistics for the keyword. We can also click the link on Trends to get extra data.

Importantly, we get LSI keywords that will help us build a page, under ‘related searches’ and we also get a handy graph which tells us how hot the topic is. Now, we don’t actually want to get on to the trend whilst it is very hot – we want it when it starts to dip a little. We cannot get up there if CNN etc. are all over the story. Wait until it peaks, and then starts to dip (even a little bit!).This is when we can build a quick article, and upload it to a site like Scribd.

What happens is Google spiders the site, and because it ranks it highly for trust, the document you have uploaded should appear page one in just a few minutes. This is all we need to get some traffic flowing a related product, via the document we upload to Scribd.

For a Fisher Price recall, you know you are dealing with mostly parents, for example, so your page – whilst giving up to date information on said hot topic, will also provide some handy links to Amazon products for babies and children. Make the offer alluring enough, and you will see a huge influx of traffic. The Cookie will then stay with that person for a length of time – so you may get a sale later in the day (if they bookmark a product for example).

Ideally, use trending to find products that people will be seriously interested in. Right now it is Ryder cup time, and Google is trending pairings etc. This is an ideal time to get some documents uploaded, and link through to golfing products!

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